Past Events: 2015/16

Date: Thursday 30th June, 2016 
Time: 12.30pm 
Venue: Room 207, Fulton
Speaker: Sine Kirkegaard, PhD Fellow, Roskilde University, Denmark

A narrative analysis of change in hybrid forms of community mental health services for young people

Seminar Promo: CIRCY Seminar Promo: 30jun2016 [PDF 118.74KB] 


Date: Thursday 2nd / Friday 3rd June 2016 
Venue: Quaker Meeting House, Meeting House Lane, The Lanes, Brighton

Connectors Workshop: Activism on the edge of age

This free workshop brings together researchers and activists concerned with the lived experiences of activism across the lifespan, with a particular emphasis on earlier and later life experiences. We are interested in the spaces, places and times - historical and contemporary - where activism and age intersect in everyday lives and social imaginaries.

See more details about the Connectors research project.


Date: Wednesday 4th May, 2016
Time: 4.30pm
Venue: Room 203, Fulton
Speaker: Dr Anette Bolin, Senior Lecturer in Social Work/Social Pedagogy, Högskolan Väst, Trollhättan

Young People’s Strategies for Handling Economic Adversity in Sweden: Extending the research agenda

Seminar Promo:      CIRCY Seminar Promo: 4may2016 [PDF 119.87KB]
Seminar Recording:

NOTE: Technical issues have affected the recording of this seminar with the slides moving independently of the narrative. The audio, however, is unaffected and can be listened to along with the Powerpoint presentation attached above.


Date: Monday 11th April, 2016
Time: 4.30pm
Venue: Room 118, Jubilee
Speaker: Janet Boddy, Professor of Child, Youth and Family Studies, Department of Education / Director of CIRCY, University of Sussex

Telling 'Moral Tales'? Family narratives of responsible privilege and environmental concern in India and the UK

Seminar Promo: CIRCY Seminar Promo: 11apr2016    
NOTE: This event will not be recorded


Date: Monday 30th November, 2015   
Time: 5pm  
Venue:  Room 104, Fulton  
Speaker:  Professor Heinz Sünker, Bergische Universität, Wuppertal, Germany

Social Pedagogy and Social Work (Soziale Arbeit) in Germany: Histories and contemporary problems

Seminar Promo:       CIRCY Seminar Promo: 30nov2015 [DOC 144.00KB]


Date: Monday 23rd November, 2015 
Time: 5.30pm  
Venue: Room 104, Fulton  
Speaker:  Dr Rebecca Webb, Perpetua Kirby, Marthe Paluch, Louise Simms & Elsie Whittington

Thinking with vulnerability and resistence as a dynamic of the research/researcher process

Seminar Promo:        CIRCY Seminar Promo: 23nov2015 [DOC 144.00KB]  
NOTE: This event was not recorded


Date: Friday 23rd October, 2015 
Time: 10am-3pm
Venue: Ground floor meeting room, Essex House 
Speaker:  Dr Robbie Duschinsky - University of Cambridge, Professor Colleen McLaughlin - University of Sussex, 
Sharon Lambley - University of Sussex

Exploring Attachment Theory: A Workshop

Promo: Exploring Attachment Theory: A Workshop  


Date: Monday 21st September, 2015 
Time: 5.30pm  
Venue: Room 155, Jubilee
Speakers:  Robin Banerjee, Professor of Developmental Psychology and Dr Fidelma Hanrahan, Education and Psychology Research Fellow, University of Sussex

Creative arts and family coaching interventions with at-risk youths: How and why might they impact the socio-emotional and motivational development of marginalised youths?

Seminar Promo:  CIRCY Seminar Promo: 21sept2015 [DOC 143.50KB] 
Presentation:      Creative arts and family coaching interventions with at-risk youths: A CIRCY seminar presentation