Centre for Material Digital Culture

Queering Genealogies Project

This project looks at the life experiences of lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans, intersex, queer or questioning [lgbtiq] individuals who have also had lesbian parents, gay brothers or fathers, trans and lesbian sisters, gay babysitters, god-parents, friends and any other lgbtiq kinship figures.

Many representation of lgbtiq lives show people coming out from straight families into lgbtiq kinship and peer groups. However, many individuals have grown up in queer kinship groups, or have experienced one or more significant inter-generational lgbtiq relationships over the life course. Representation of inter-generational relationships in lgbtiq adult lives is hardly visible - whilst the so-called baby boom of lesbian and gay parenting has generated attention - the experiences of inter-lgbtiq relations outside of immediate peer groups has remained unexplored.  The project addresses this gap by talking to lgbtiq adults who have experiences of intergenerational lgbtiq relationships and collecting and analysing their accounts of these experiences.

This project has three stages:

  1. Gathering interviews, analysis and write up
  2. Creating an online installation, reflection and write up
  3. Final project report

Stage 1:

The project team for stage 1 comprises of Ross Robinson and Kate O'Riordan. Currently we are looking for people to talk to us:

Are you lesbian, gay, bi, trans, intersex, queer or questioning [LGBTIQ] and are other people in your family also LGBTIQ? We are interested in talking to LGBTIQ adults with experience of lesbian or gay parents, trans siblings, intersex aunts, godparents, family friends, families of choice or any others!

We are used to the idea that coming out is about coming away from straight families - but what about those of us who didn't have this experience - did you come out [or didn't come out] to a family in which LGBTIQ sexual identity was already important? Or in which it has become later important?

If so please contact us - we'd like to hear about your experiences. For more information about the project - about the researchers - about what we'd like from you and what we think we can offer.

Contact: Ross Robinson and/or Kate O'Riordan