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The CCNR is in its 15th year as an interdisciplinary research group positioned between the Neuroscience subject group in the School of Life Sciences and the Evolutionary and Adaptive Systems group in the Department of Informatics.

The aim of the CCNR is to encourage a two-way flow of ideas and methods between the Life and Computational sciences. The benefits of a cross-disciplinary approach are reflected in the nature of the research that is carried out here. Some of the research in the Centre can be characterised as Biologically-Inspired Engineering, this includes autonomous agent research and evolutionary robotics and electronics. Other research involves the modelling and analysis of biological topics such as insect navigation, neuronal circuits and evolutionary theory.

The philosophy of the CCNR is reflected in the Evolutionary and Adaptive Systems MSc - a taught Masters program that introduces student to the conceptual and practical tools needed to work at the interface of Life and Computational science. Details of how to apply for this course can be found here.

If you are interested in studying for Doctorate in the CCNR then in the first instance contact the member of faculty that you are interested in working with. Details of the formal application process can be found here.





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Research Degrees in the CCNR

We are always pleased to hear from potential PhD students. In the first instance contact a potential supervisor.



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