Centre for Computational Neuroscience and Robotics - CCNR

People and contacts

Prof Michael O'Shea Co-Founder

Emeritus Professor Michael O'Shea is a world renowned Neuroscientist and co-founded the CCNR in the lates 90s.

Prof Phil Husbands Co-Founder

Phil was a pioneer in Evolutionary Robotics and at the forefront of the behaviour based robotics revolution in the 90s. As co-founder of the CCNR he realised the value of interdisciplinary research. <p.husbands@sussex.ac.uk>

Prof Andy Philippides Co-Director

Andy is a Professor in Informatics and is interested in biorobotics and the computational study of a variety of systems, e.g. neuromodulation and neuronal plasticity; insect flight behaviour and navigation, human crowds and vascular biology. <a.o.philippides@sussex.ac.uk>

Prof Thomas Nowotny Co-Director

Thomas is a Professor in Informatics interested in information processing in nervous systems and implementations of computational neuroscience on hardware devices using GPUs. <t.nowotny@sussex.ac.uk>

Dr Jeremy Niven

Jeremy is a Reader in Neuroscience, interested in the design, function and evolution of neural circuits and the computational modelling of energy constraints on neural architectures. <j.e.niven@sussex.ac.uk>

Dr Chris Buckley

Chris is a Senior Lecturer in Informatics. His research explores the implications of a situated, embodied and dynamic perspective on cognition for modern neuroscience. <c.l.buckley@sussex.ac.uk>

Dr Luc Berthouze

Luc is a Reader in informatics working on computational developmental neuroscience and motor development in infants and in machines. <l.berthouze@sussex.ac.uk>

Prof Paul Graham

Paul is a Professor of Neuroethology studying the mechanisms underpinning smart behaviours in small brained animals. He in interested in the use of biorobotics and computational neuroscience as tools for biological understanding. <p.r.graham@sussex.ac.uk>