Centre for Computational Neuroscience and Robotics - CCNR


Some Ants We have developed a series of Java applets to demonstrate the approach of synthetic simulations in biology. Using this approach it is possible to explore how simple rules can lead to complex emerging behaviour using ant pheromones as an example. The Ant Navigation Simulators can be found here.


 +plus magazineFollowing the Royal Society Science exhibition, we have produced a pop science article (suitable for secondary school children-  and up!) which explains how the amazing navigation abilities of ants may come from their ability to do simple mathematics. The article, entitled "Finding your way home without knowing where you are" appears in the online +Plus Magazine which is aimed at all those people, of any age, who are interested in the maths behind everyday (but still amazing) things: http://plus.maths.org/content/finding-way-home.

SEP - CatalystAndy and Paul's pop science article: "How smart is an ant?" from Catalyst: Secondary Science Review (Vol 21, Issue 4, pages 19-21) is now available online. Catalyst is an online and print magazine from the Gatsby Science Enhancement Programme.