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Welcome to the Department of Engineering and Product Design

Enginering and Design Student wins the prestigious MacQuitty prizeDaniel Riszczuk

The University’s most generous prize, the £10,000 MacQuitty Prize, has been awarded this year to Daniel Riszczuk, an engineering undergraduate student who has been at the University for 5 years starting with a foundation year. 

The winning student is chosen based on their performance in their undergraduate degree, the prize is awarded on merit alone.

The Telegraph STEM Awards

CAROP generatorFinal-year Mechanical Engineering student Daniel Crumpton and his team won the Automotive category of the STEM Awards with their new generator that makes electric-car engines lighter and more efficient.

Sussex student innovations in running for £25,000 Telegraph prize

Watch our winning automotive team talking through their project:

Dorota Biniecka, Product Design GraduateAll Engineering and Design courses have an optional  placement year assessed as an integral part of the course, leading to the award 'Course name with an Industrial/ Professional Placement Year'.

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