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The Centre for Research in Opera and Music Theatre (CROMT) is a national and international centre for research and development in the practice and theory of contemporary opera, music-based theatre and other related forms of sonic or multimedia performance. The Centre promotes innovative artistic and critical practices across a range of forms through academic programmes, creative, theoretical and historical research projects, and research collaborations with relevant professional and educational partners.

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Frances M Lynch, Artistic Director, Minerva Scientifica

May 23rd, 2-4pm, Gardner Tower Studio, Attenborough Centre for Creative ArtsMarie Curie

 To launch a collaboration between the Centre for Research in Opera and Music Theatre, the School of Life Sciences, and the Minerva Scientifica women in music and science project.

Minerva Scientifica brings to light creatively the contributions of women scientists in the past and today, and aims to increase public engagement with science, and with the issues encountered by female scientists, through creative partnerships between women scientists and women composers and artists

Minerva Scientifica has developed a range of musical and theatrical projects and events. These have included collaborations with Kings College London, Newcastle University, and performance at events as varied as British Science Week, Southampton Science and Engineering Festival, Lyme Regis Fossil Festival and the Science Museum Lates Festival, as well as projects in schools throughout Britain.

The Centre for Research in Opera and Music Theatre is working in partnership with the School of Life Sciences to develop a funding bid that will bring the Minerva Scientifica project to Sussex with a major science-arts collaboration as part of the university’s Athena SWAN programme.

For further information please contact Nick Till, Director of CROMT: n.till@sussex.ac.uk or Katy Petherick, Life Sciences: k.petherick@sussex.ac.uk