Based in the School of Global Studies, the Centre for Cultures of Reproduction, Technologies and Health (CORTH) focuses on analyses of the intersections between cultures of human reproduction, social identities, health and technologies.

Framed by a specific interest in the processes of power and addressing health inequities, it promotes research on the social, medical, public health, legal, and moral lenses through which reproductive health is perceived, produced, concretised and articulated (for instance, through new policies, engagement with new technologies, new forms of social relations in reproduction). With its unique focus on cultural-ethnographic perspectives, the centre facilitates knowledge transfer partnerships between anthropologists, social and human scientists, health researchers, medical professionals, practitioners, legal activists and policy makers working internationally on critical issues in global maternal, sexual reproductive health (SRH), emerging technologies and health and human rights. A specific aim is to foster international dialogue on ‘Southern’ analytic models and practices.

Impact and Engagement

'About Abortion: Terminating Pregnancy in Twenty-First-Century America' by Carol Sanger

Author & Law Professor Carol Sanger discusses her book 'About Abortion.' Recorded at the University of Sussex, June 2017 (chaired by Jo Bridgeman). 

Soundcloud link: About Abortion


'Northern Ireland & the Referendum' featuring Maya Unnithan and Ben Kasstan

At the end of May 2018 the Republic of Ireland held a referendum to appeal a law which up until that time, had effectively made abortion illegal. Voters chose by a clear majority to change this law and repeal the 8th amendment. But why does abortion continue to be such a controversial subject? By looking at how issues around the referendum affect the people of Northern Ireland this episode of the Glass Bead Game podcast is an enquiry into what abortion laws mean and how different groups navigate their way around them.

See Blog post: Northern Ireland & the Referendum featuring Maya Unnithan and Ben Kasstan


CORTH Submission of qualitative research evidence on prenatal sex-selective abortion in India and the UK

CORTH Submission of qualitative research evidence on prenatal sex-selective abortion in India and the UK, December 2017 [PDF 176.68KB]

Submitted to the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Population, Development and Reproductive Health: Abortion in the Developing World and the United Kingdom.


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Postgraduate Global Health Programme at the Brighton and Sussex Centre for Global Health Research

BSMS Global HealthThe global health programme at the Brighton and Sussex Centre for Global Health Research will help build your understanding of the complex determinants of health and ill-health and their potential solutions in order to help you contribute to the improvement of health and the achievement of health equity and social justice worldwide. With this purpose, this programme offers an inter-, multi-and cross-disciplinary approach to health and ill-health.

The course brings together experts from the health sciences, pharmaceutical sciences, development studies, anthropology, economics and political sciences amongst others in order to deliver a stimulating and vibrant programme. Topics covered include: poverty, health and development; cultural understandings of health and healing; emerging infectious diseases; global burden of disease and injury; sexuality and rights; mental health; conflict and violence; health policy and governance; access to medicines; and the relationship between health inequalities, globalisation and global governance. 

For more information please visit our Global Health website

Contact: Dr Mei Trueba (Course Leader):

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