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The explosion of literary and artistic activity at the beginning of the twentieth century provoked a fundamental rethinking of cultural and social values the reverberations of which continue to be felt. This new aesthetic of experiment and rupture affected all forms of expression and shaped the ways in which modernity was experienced and understood. Critics and theorists have increasingly understood Modernism as a plural phenomenon, one comprising many avant-garde movements and competing political agendas. New research on Modernism focuses on many previously neglected questions, including the interaction of aesthetic Modernisms with forms of nationalism and internationalism; the exploration of Modernist publishing, patronage and networks of support; and the continuation of Modernism within contemporary literary and artistic culture.


You can find out more about the Centre for Modernist Studies, including details of past and upcoming events, by visiting the Centre for Modernist Studies website.


The next visiting guest speaker will be the historian Alison Light discussing the writing of her book "Common People": Between History and Fiction. Professor Ben Highmore (Sussex) will act as respondent at this event. This event is co-sponsored by the Centre for Life History and Life Writing Research and will take place on Thursday October 15th 2015. Please visit the CMS website or the CLHLWR website for more details. 


The next major Centre for Modernist Studies event will be the opening of the Grace Lake / Anna Mendelssohn Archive on Friday October 16th 2015.


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Dr Sara Crangle
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