Centre for Cognitive Science (COGS)

COGS fosters interaction and collaboration among all those working in cognitive science at Sussex, including researchers and students in artificial intelligence, psychology, linguistics, neuroscience and philosophy. It is a pioneering, internationally recognised centre for interdisciplinary investigation into the nature of cognition, be it natural or artificial.

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Members of COGS are involved in running the Cognitive Science Interdisciplinary Programme (COGS IDP), a key component of several undergraduate degrees at Sussex. For further information, see our teaching and admissions pages.

Members of COGS also run the vibrant cognitive science research groups listed on our research pages. COGS itself fosters and encourages interdisciplinary interaction between all these groups, and supports and enables the creation of new cognitive science research groups at Sussex, especially those which cut across the departmental groups, departments, and schools at the University. For futher information, contact Dr Ron Chrisley.

For information on other teaching and research that used to be conducted by the School of Cognitive and Computing Sciences, please consult the following pages:

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Investigating the nature of cognition through interdisciplinary research in artificial intelligence, psychology, neuroscience, philosophy and linguistics.

At today's Applicant Visit Day to discuss just what cognitive science is, anyway & answer Qs re: our Interdisciplinary Programme in Cog Sci.

Today@12, Jubilee 144: Final COGS Open Lecture of the Term - Daniel Bor on "Consciousness and the Brain" sussex.ac.uk/cogs/openlectu…

Today@4 in Pevensey 1A6: Marianna Obrist on "Smell and Taste in Human-Computer Interaction" sussex.ac.uk/cogs/seminars

Today@12 in Fulton B: Open Lecture by Owen Holland: History of Cybernetics & Robotics in relation to CogSci sussex.ac.uk/cogs/openlectu…

Apologies! “@SussexPhilos: @SussexCOGS Correction: 1:30pm on Hegel’s Moral Philosophy (which is broadly naturalistic!).”

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