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Welcome to Neuroscience

Nervous systems are an intriguing aspect of biology, allowing animals to sense the world and controlling their behaviour. The Neuroscience Subject Group brings together basic scientists with shared interests in these functions of the nervous system, and we study it using a variety of molecular, cellular and systems approaches. Our status as a leading centre for neuroscience is reflected in the wide range of opportunities that we offer for study and research.

The strength of Neuroscience at Sussex is the legacy of John Maynard Smith, who identified the study of brain and behaviour as a key area when he founded the School of Life Sciences in 1965. JMS believed that divisions between traditional academic subjects were an unnecessary constraint to research. Thus, in 1970, Sussex became the first university in the UK, and perhaps the world, to offer a degree in Neuroscience. Sussex continues in this tradition of innovation and exploration.


Open days

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