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Welcome to the Sussex Center for American Studies


The University of Sussex enjoys a prestigious reputation for teaching and research in American Studies.

Our international faculty have published award-winning books and articles in the United States and Europe on the history, literature, and culture of the Americas.  Our research is far-ranging, covering fields as diverse as the history of Louisiana sugar plantations and New York punk rock; Andy Warhol’s films and Walt Whitman’s poetry; Transcendental literature and the Harlem Renaissance; American modernism and postmodernism; the American Civil War and the Civil Rights movement.

The yearly National Student Survey (NSS) hails the American Studies degree at Sussex as tremendously popular, and for good reason. Our seminars are lively and intimate. Our feedback on assessment is timely and detailed. From Thanksgiving house parties to London theatre outings, learning American Studies at Sussex happens inside and outside the classroom. While our popular undergraduate and postgraduate degree programmes encourage students to explore key themes in American literature and history, the degree is committed to academic interdisciplinarity. Studies in American film, art, literature, music, photography and beyond make up an essential part of your core degree.

We are particularly proud of our Year Abroad program.  Choose from one of over forty US and Canadian partner universities to study in. From campuses in New England to the Deep South to the Midwest to the West Coast, American Studies students at Sussex are spoiled for choice.

Whether you are interested in African American culture, Native American politics, American modernist poetry, or the history of Hip Hop, American Studies at Sussex offers a unique and unsurpassed experience that will, as students perennially attest, "change your life."

The degree also prepares you for life after University, where a range of employment options are open to you. As The Guardian newspaper demonstrated, there is a great deal of value in a degree in American Studies: What to do with a degree in American Studies?


Year Abroad

Freedom Now - Mon 23 March

Freedom Now
Prof James Campbell will deliver the 2015 Marcus Cunliffe Lecture 'Freedom Now: Civil Rights, Mississippi, and the Politics of Historical Memory', 6.00 to 7.30pm on Mon 23 March, Fulton Lecture Theatre B