Centre for Material Digital Culture

Research projects

The Centre for Material Digital Culture & Digital Humanities is focused on research on digital media. We maintain an insistence on exploring processes of mediation, which we take to be at once material and symbolic.


The Centre for Material Digital Culture and Digital Humanities (MDC/DH) is an inter-disciplinary research centre exploring multiple aspects of digital transformation. A central focus is on critical theorization and empirical exploration of relationships between computational technologies and the societies and cultures into which they are emerging – and which they are co-evolving. The Centre includes researchers from media sociology, media arts, software studies, anthropology, computer science, cultural studies, science studies, English, history and archive studies, digital humanities and medical humanities. The Centre is based in the School of Media, Film and Music at the University of Sussex and members are involved in research collaborations, publications, and partnerships across the university, and work with national and international academic partners and with community, cultural and other organizations of many kinds. The Centre also organizes high profile public lectures, events and symposium and host reading groups and other fora for sharing ideas.

This Centre supports high quality funded and non-funded interdisciplinary research projects, supports individual research, and is building collaborative research teams and developing plans for large scale future projects.

The Centre hosts a range of doctoral students with research projects in a series of connected fields. Students engage with the full range of our work. We are always interested in hearing from prospective post-graduates with intellectually, methodologically, and empirically exciting projects.

The Centre hosts visiting fellows and other visitors on short and more extended visits. We actively seek to build partnerships with individuals, groups and organizations engaged in researching this field. The Centre has international reach, a developing reputation, and engages with key individuals, organizations involved in the area. It aims to be a top five UK research centre for digital humanities, digital media, and material culture within the next five years.

For more information, please contact Kate O'Riordan. (k.oriordan@sussex.ac.uk).