Centre for Material Digital Culture

Digital Humanities: Digital Methods - Issue Crawler and Cultural Research, June 2011

This is the first in a series of workshops and seminars on ‘Digital Humanities’, organised by the Digital and Social Media Research Theme.

Wednesday 8th June, 2011, 1:00pm – 3:00pm

'Searching for the truth in Computing?: Issue Crawler and Cultural Research' -

A Workshop

Led by Aristea Fotopoulou, School of Media, Film and Music

Abstract/ call for participation:

This series is convened by Caroline Bassett and it aims to introduce faculty and postgraduate researchers in the Arts and Humanities and Social Sciences to data sources, analytical techniques, and representation tools associated with digital technologies. It is comprised of seminars as well as practical workshops that will teach you new techniques.

The series is designed to be informative and useful for those who have little or no experience with these methods as well as for those who may have some experience but would like to learn more.

Aristea Fotopoulou has used Issue Crawler, a web search, issue-network location and visualisation tool designed by the govcom Foundation, to explore networks of women's organisations in London as part of her doctoral research into feminism, sexuality and digital mediation.

In this workshop Aristea will explore how digital mapping technologies can elucidate the way networks organise around specific issues and whose voices prevail online. She will also explain how computer maps might give a different sense of the social life of an issue, and of a network, than personal accounts would - for instance those derived through ethnographic methods.

Aristea will take you through the steps involved in designing, producing and carrying out an Issue Crawl. She will consider how results can be integrated into other material, and also discuss how these kinds of tools can be adapted for other humanities/cultural studies research projects.

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