• Dr Matthew Doyle

    Matthew Doyle is an anthropologist focused on the study of politics and morality with area specialism in Latin America and Bolivia. Between 2014 and 2016 he carried out fieldwork in the Bolivian highlands, examining political conflict between different forms of local authority within an indigenous community.

    He is currently working on developing new theoretical and methodological resources for the ethnographic analysis of political conflict and how political discourse can be understood in terms of the attempt by groups and social actors to contest elements of their social morality. This seeks to engage with a growing body of work in the cognitive sciences which analyses political conflict as fundamentally concerned with distinct moral understandings.

  • Dr James McMurray

    James McMurray is a Research Associate of the Department of Anthropology and sits on the Steering Committee of the Asia Centre. His research has explored the role of ethics in ethnic relations, education, and gender amongst the Uyghur people of Xinjiang, China. He has written on the formalisation of ethical governance in anthropology, and is a contributor to Ethnav - a tool for the ethical guidance of anthropological research, hosted by the Association of Social Anthropologists. 

  • Dr Santiago Ripoll

    Santiago Ripoll is a social anthropologist based at the Institute of Development Studies at the University of Sussex. His research focuses on the intersections between ethical values, identity and moral norms and how these shape transformations in food systems. Santiago has carried out ethnographic and participatory research on moral economies and food systems in Nicaragua and the UK.  

    Santiago is also the lead researcher for the Social Science in Humanitarian Action Platform, which supports humanitarian agencies with evidence on the social, ethical and cultural contexts they are operating in to ensure that humanitarian activities are appropriately adapted. Amongst other emergencies, he has produced social science evidence for the drought response in Somalia, the Rohingya refugee crisis, the Venezuelan migrant crisis and most recently, on the context of Cyclone affected areas of Central Mozambique. 

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