The Social Science and Ethics Research Group fosters interaction and collaboration between researchers interested in the study of ethics and morality.

In recent years the empirical study of morality and ethics has grown quickly in philosophy and various social sciences including anthropology, sociology and psychology. At the same time many scholars have been motivated to re-examine the ethics of social scientific research.

The Social Science and Ethics Research Group was established with the intention of bringing these developments together. We aim to build an interdisciplinary community which will establish innovative approaches to the research of ethics and the ethics of research.

We have five key aims:

  • To enable interdisciplinary dialogue around morality and ethics
  • To showcase emerging research on ethics by different Sussex departments
  • To encourage social scientists at Sussex and beyond to reflect on ethics as a field of research, on the ethical implications of carrying out research, and on the implications for both on developments in ethical theory
  • To encourage and lead social science research on ethics
  • To highlight the policy relevance of applied ethical research