Professor Keith Jones: Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Research and Enterprise)

Keith joined the University of Sussex in October 2020 as Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Research and Enterprise).

Professor Keith Jones

Previous to his present appointment Keith has held senior university leadership positions both in the UK and Australia. He joined the University of Sussex following posts as Executive Dean in the Faculty of Sciences at the University of Adelaide in Australia and as Head of School in Biological Sciences at the University of Southampton. Prior to these he held Professorial roles at the University of Newcastle-upon-Tyne in the Institute for Cell and Molecular Biosciences and the University of Newcastle Australia, where he was co-Director of the Priority Research Centre in Reproductive Biology.

His personal research is in the study of how oocytes grow into mature eggs and the process by which fertilization is triggered. Keith is currently Editor-in-Chief of the journal Molecular Human Reproduction, and he has contributed over 60 research articles, 20 reviews and 5 book chapters to his field. In the UK he has received funding from the BBSRC, MRC, Wellcome Trust, and Leverhulme Trust; and while in Australia from the ARC and NHMRC.

He has been a member of the BBSRC Genes, Development and STEM approaches to Biology Committee as well as the ARC’s College of Experts. In 2012 while at Newcastle Australia he also served on the national assessment panel for ERA.

He holds an Honorary Professorship from the Chinese Academies of Sciences, Institute of Zoology, in recognition of his contributions to his field.

As a first-in-family to attend university and parent of two daughters, Keith is passionate about the importance of gender equity, diversity and inclusion in academia. He helped Biological Sciences in Southampton secure a Bronze then Silver Athena SWAN award during his tenure there and was part of the University of Adelaide’s team to be given a SAGE (Science in Australia Gender Equity) award.


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