Professor Liz James: Interim Dean (School of Media, Arts and Humanities)


Liz is Professor of Art History and Interim Dean of the School of Media, Arts and Humanities. She specialises in the art of the Byzantine Empire, with a current focus on mosaics. Her Mosaics of the Medieval World (Cambridge UP) was published in 2017 and she maintains a medieval mosaics website. She is also interested in gender. She is the author of Empresses and Power in Early Byzantium (Leicester University Press, 2001), and Light and Colour in Byzantine Art (Clarendon Press, Oxford, 1996), as well as co-author of numerous volumes. Liz has been at Sussex since 1993.

As Interim Dean of the School of Media, Arts and Humanities, Liz is a member of the University Executive Team, the University Leadership Team, and Senate. She is also a member of the People, Culture and Inclusion Committee.

See Professor Liz James’s University profile page.

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