Dean Machin (Chief of Staff and Director of the Vice-Chancellor's Office)

Dean Machin


Dean joined the University as Chief of Staff and Director of the Vice-Chancellor’s Office in December 2022. Previously he worked at the University of Portsmouth as an adviser to the Vice-Chancellor.

Dean has an undergraduate degree in Philosophy from UCL and has a Ph.D from the University of Bristol, specialising in political philosophy. He has also been a Leverhulme early career research fellow in the Philosophy Department at the University of Warwick and has spent three years teaching at UCL in the Philosophy Department before joining the University of Portsmouth in 2016.

Dean has also written multiple blogs on higher education and, in 2015, he wrote a report on data-sharing for the Social Mobility Commission. Dean has also worked in the pensions industry.

The Chief of Staff coordinates the Vice-Chancellor’s office, and provides her with senior advisory support on strategic and complex issues. Dean also assists the Vice-Chancellor in coordinating and communicating with the University’s leadership team, and liaising with the wider University community.

Dean is a member of the University Executive Team and the University Leadership Team.

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