International development

Research Skills for Development

Module code: L2133N
Level 5
15 credits in autumn semester
Teaching method: Workshop, Lecture
Assessment modes: Report, Coursework

This module is an introduction to the research methods, techniques and skills used in development research. It provides a foundation for your thesis in the third year. You’ll:

  • focus on practical issues to do with research skills
  • consider some of the more abstract issues that inform how we do research
  • think about research ethics and the linkages between project design and methods of data collection.

During the module, team work is emphasised, and you’ll carry out hands-on group work.

Module learning outcomes

  • A basic knowledge of international development research methods.
  • Practical experience of conducting research and the ability to analyse primary data drawn from students' own research.
  • The ability to critically assess different research methods, and an understanding of the reasons for using particular methods in particular contexts.
  • The ability to undertake group work, and present the results of this research in written and verbal form.
  • Be able to communicate effectively in writing in a manner that reflects the potential needs of future employers.