International development

Institutions of Aid

Module code: L2149
Level 4
15 credits in spring semester
Teaching method: Workshop
Assessment modes: Portfolio

On this module, you’ll interrogate the changing relationships between the different institutions involved in international aid and development.

Apparent consensus about the aims and objectives of aid is manifested in instruments such as the Millennium Development Goals and international agreements concerning aid harmonisation. But behind this apparent consensus is a complex – and changing – range of institutions, with different histories, interests and incentives.

Focusing on different institution or set of institutions, the module will explore the factors shaping contemporary aid practices. Institutions covered will include:

  • the multilateral development banks and the United Nations agencies
  • official bilateral agencies, including so called 'emerging' donors
  • the widening range of private and non-governmental actors.

Module learning outcomes

  • Knowledge of the history, structure and functioning of a range of institutions involved in the delivery of aid
  • An understanding of the connections and relationships between these institutions
  • An ability to critically debate contemporary challenges to the delivery of aid