International development

Global Development Challenges and Innovation

Module code: AF002
Level 4
15 credits in spring semester
Teaching method: Lecture
Assessment modes: Essay

This module will introduce you to two related areas of development:

  • global challenges
  • innovative responses to these challenges.

Global challenges will be presented by experts in the field. You will:

  • explore how problems are defined, measured and recorded
  • look at international development processes (SDGs and MDGs) to understand how corresponding actions are determined across scale, from the global to the local level
  • examine a range of innovative responses to each development challenge discussed.

You will work in groups to develop an in-depth understanding of a specific country’s response to the development challenge outlined in the previous week’s lecture. In these groups, you will draw on multimedia resources and your own creativity to explore:

  • how responses are developed and by whom
  • how they are financed and communicated
  • how support is mobilised
  • different ways to measure their success or failure.

Module learning outcomes

  • 1. Develop a critical understanding of key development challenges.
  • 2. Demonstrate a capacity to critically reflect on the politics and processes that underpin responses to development challenges
  • 3. Engage effectively and creatively in collaborative activities with others to achieve common goals that reflect the potential needs of future employers
  • 4. Demonstrate good writing skills that showcase the student’s ability to be reflexive and to engage with academic and policy literature.