International development

Economic Perspectives on Development

Module code: L2147
Level 5
15 credits in autumn semester
Teaching method: Lecture, Seminar
Assessment modes: Report, Coursework

This module introduces you to how economics can be used to understand contemporary international development issues. You will obtain a basic understanding of tools that economics uses to analyse and evaluate development questions. The emphasis is on analysing a topic and the nature of the problem, and policy responses, from both an economic and critical perspective. The module begins with a non-technical introduction to economics and then covers a set of topics, such as determinants of economic growth and the connection between growth, inequality and poverty, trade and trade policy, poverty reduction policies, the roles of corruption, legal and political institutions in economic development, agriculture, land and credit markets, the determinants and consequences of violent conflict and environment and development.

Module learning outcomes

  • To demonstrate basic knowledge of economic concepts and arguments relevant to core development questions..
  • Ability to appreciate the subtlety of critical perspectives and debates about economic development.
  • To demonstrate a basic understanding of analytical techniques used by economists, such as simple graphs and ways to measure development.
  • Critically evaluate dominant approaches to problem solving and policy setting used in development economics.