Competition Law and Markets

Module code: M6074
Level 6
15 credits in spring semester
Teaching method: Lecture, Seminar
Assessment modes: Essay

This module looks at the application of competition law to government interventions in markets.

It examines the major competition law frameworks applicable to subsidies, public procurement, state-owned enterprises and export support.

It compares and contrasts the competition laws in major jurisdictions, including the EU, US and China.

It also critically examines the role of competition in emerging economies and the legal implications of non-market economy status.

Major disputes involving unfair state practices will be assessed at domestic and international levels, along with remedies available.

Module learning outcomes

  • Acquire systematic knowledge of key elements of competition law as it is applied to government intervention in the economy from an international perspective
  • Extend and apply knowledge of competition law to assess government market intervention under different jurisdictions and under the WTO
  • Devise and support legal arguments relating to applicable competition law to specific scenarios to determine the legality of government behaviour internationally and in different jurisdictions
  • Critically evaluate different legal approaches chosen in main jurisdictions and the main challenges this poses for international economic governance