Aspects of Commercial Law

Module code: M5001
Level 6
15 credits in autumn semester
Teaching method: Seminar
Assessment modes: Essay

This module addresses key aspects of the law governing commercial transactions, including (but not limited to) the law of agency and the principles governing transfer of personal property.

Topics may include:

  • boundaries of personal property and the recognition of new types of property right in intangible assets such as emissions trading allowances
  • rules governing transfer of personal property
  • foundations of the law of agency
  • the creation of agency relationships
  • disclosed and undisclosed agency.

An overarching theme of the module will be the potential for legal doctrine to react to commercial development, and the tension between stability and change in legal principles and frameworks.

Module learning outcomes

  • Demonstrate systematic understanding of key aspects of law relevant to commercial transactions, which may include the law related to agency and transfer of personal property.
  • Demonstrate the ability to critically evaluate legal principles and concepts relevant to commercial transactions, for example possession, ownership and agency.
  • Demonstrate knowledge of, and the ability to engage critically with, appropriate legal instruments and some of the relevant critical literature.