Law and Critique 2

Module code: M6115
Level 6
15 credits in spring semester
Teaching method: Seminar
Assessment modes: Essay, Oral assessment

This module develops students’ understanding of the question “what is law?” from Law and Critique I giving and extended grounding in the history, relevance and contemporary significance of critical approaches to law. This module builds on Law and Critique I by moving beyond traditional Legal Theory and key concepts to applying case studies and real-life scenarios in lectures, combined with seminar questions set to challenge your thinking and the coursework assignments, the module will allow students to develop the skill of conceptual, critical and creative thinking.

Module learning outcomes

  • Develop a deep and systematic understanding of the history, relevance and contemporary significance of jurisprudence and legal theory, building on the knowledge from Law and Critique I
  • Explain and critically evaluate different doctrinal and philosophical approaches to law with reference to contemporary case studies
  • Systematically appreciate the relationship between theoretical approaches in legal theory and the practical application of the law through a research-based method
  • Apply theoretical knowledge to a substantive area of law via an innovative and creative mode of assessment that tests critical application of knowledge i.e. oral examination.