Sociology and Criminology

Sociology of Family, Reproduction & Care (Spr)

Module code: L2904B
Level 6
30 credits in spring semester
Teaching method: Seminar
Assessment modes: Essay

On this module students will examine the inter-related concepts of family, reproduction and care from an interdisciplinary social science perspective. The module aims to provide an advanced critical understanding of theoretical and methodological approaches to studying family life. Students will interrogate how lived experiences are shaped by policies, and how conceptualisations structure data collection and policies, and vice versa. Discussions will be organised around key themes such as: • households, kinship and changing/diversifying family forms; • (in)fertility and assisted reproductive technologies; • reproductive labour, care over the life course and inequalities; and • borders, migration and transnational families.

Module learning outcomes

  • Demonstrate knowledge and critical understanding of theoretical approaches and understandings of family, reproduction and care, and how these are explicitly or implicitly applied in empirical research.
  • Systematically synthesise and analyse relevant empirical research and theories to formulate arguments.
  • Identify and critically evaluate conceptual ambiguities and their implications for policies and/or research and knowledge production.
  • Critique contemporary or historical social policies, legislation, political statements, media or social science disciplinary discourses relating to families, reproduction or care.