Sociology and Criminology

Sociology Project

Module code: L3031
Level 6
30 credits in spring semester
Teaching method: Lecture, Workshop, Seminar
Assessment modes: Coursework

The aim of this module is to give you direct experience of carrying out a small scale research project, from the initial stages of design to the final stages of presenting your findings. It is intended to consolidate and build upon the knowledge base gained from the DSR research methods module in the second year, as you will use these skills to research a topic of your choice. You will be assessed on how well you interpret and apply the relevant methodological issues to your research design, manage the practical side of the project, and reflect on the effectiveness of your chosen strategies. You work mainly through independent study, under the guidance of a supervisor. The assessment consists of a research proposal, presentation and 8,000 word written report.


Students must have taken Sociology Research Proposal (L4056)

Module learning outcomes

  • Complete the small-scale research project or theoretical study you designed in module L5101.
  • Draw conclusions about the wider significance of your empirical data or theoretical explorations in relation to relevant academic ideas and concepts.
  • Critically reflect upon the effectiveness of your research design or theoretical study in practical terms with respect to methodology, ethical issues, and/or generation of new knowledge.
  • Communicate research findings to an academic audience through a written report.