SKE Religious Education

The Sussex Online Religious Education SKE is a flexible course that allows you to address any gaps in your knowledge of the six major world religions, philosophy and ethics and how all this fits in with the curriculum in Secondary schools.

Study an RE SKE at Sussex

We offer a tailored 8 week course covering a range of units for trainees including GCSE and A Level and the general teaching of RE. All units are supported by a personal tutor and an excellent range of resources including Open Learn, Culham St Gabriel’s and the Oak Academy. Your subscription will remain active all through your training year, so you will be able to refer to the resources whenever you need them – even after your SKE is complete.

Typical course structure

The Sussex Online RE SKE is an 8 week course, built on two four week units, which can be studied flexibly. Examples of the topics within the two units are listed here:

  • Buddhism, Hinduism, Christianity, Sikhism, Judaism and Sikhism. (GCSE level)
  • Philosophy, Ethics and Christianity (A level)
  • Digging Deeper into Religion and Curriculum (GCSE and A Level)
  • Philosophy and Religion in the modern world.

Eligibility for Department for Education (DfE) bursary

To be eligible for the £175/week DfE bursary, you must:

  • hold an offer of a ITE place, which is conditional on your completion of an SKE course of the specified length
  • NOT have previously attended any other DfE-funded SKE course
  • have a degree of 2:2 or above (if your degree subject is an exact match to your SKE subject, then it must have been awarded more than five years ago)
  • be considered a ‘home’ fee status student.

Payment of your bursary will be dependent on submission of assignments and ongoing participation. 


In addition to input from specialist subject tutors you will also receive:

  • GCSE and A Level textbooks for Religious Studies with AQA.
  • access to a range of RE resources, including projects and units of work from RE Online.
  • a fully paid subscription to ExamPro, a database of past KS3, GCSE and A-level exam questions
  • access to thousands of relevant physical and e-books through our Library
  • licensed software such as Microsoft Office and Adobe Acrobat Pro
  • access to Box of Broadcasts, a huge collection of documentaries, schools TV, films and drama that you can stream for free. 

Contact us

If you have any queries about studying an SKE at Sussex, email

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