Ancient Languages SKE (Latin and Ancient Greek)

Our online Ancient Language SKE course allows you to develop your knowledge of curriculum content and consider how to teach Latin and/or Ancient Greek in UK secondary schools.

Applications closed

Applications for 2023/24 are now closed and will re-open in October for 2024/25.

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Study an Ancient Languages SKE course at Sussex

The Sussex online Ancient Languages SKE course is mainly undertaken through self-study with plenty of reading and online course materials. There is also an optional summer school with seminars hosted at the University of Sussex in July.

We offer a range of units for trainees starting their study of ancient languages from scratch, looking to consolidate their understanding or start learning a second ancient language. This SKE will help you prepare for any teacher training course in Classics and/or Latin. Units are taught by distance learning.

Course structure

The Sussex online Ancient Languages SKE is available as an eight, 12 or 16-week course.

You can choose from the following four-week units to build your course. You will choose two, three or four units depending on whether you’re taking the eight, 12 or 16-week course:

  • GCSE Latin Language Part 1
  • GCSE Latin Language Part 2
  • GCSE Latin Language Consolidation
  • A-level Latin Language
  • Introduction to GCSE Greek
  • The Cambridge Latin Course
  • de Romanis & Suburani
  • Combined: CLC, de Romanis & Suburani Book
  • Teaching & Examining Latin to GCSE Level.

Application deadlines

Our SKE courses have different deadlines depending on the length of the course you’re applying to.

See our application page for more information.

Eligibility and funding

SKE courses are funded by the Department for Education (DfE) if you have been offered a place on a PGCE course with enrolment on an SKE course as a condition of acceptance.

Find out more about SKE eligibility and funding.

Self-funded SKEs

We also offer a self-funded SKE route for:

  • teacher trainees who are not eligible for DfE funding
  • qualified teachers who want to teach a new subject, or refresh their subject knowledge before returning to teaching after a break
  • anyone considering teaching as a new career who wants to increase their subject knowledge before applying for teacher training.

Rather than four-week units, self-funded SKEs are based on blocks of 100 hours of study.  You can choose which units you want to study and add additional units as you progress. 

The cost is £800 for one 100 hour unit, and £500 for each additional unit. Fees can be paid by you or, if relevant, by your school/institution (schools within the Sussex Partnership or PGCE Pedagogy and Practice Partnership can apply for partnership rates).

If you have any questions about self-funding your SKE, email


In addition to input from specialist subject tutors you will also receive:

  • physical copies of course texts. The selection will vary depending on the language and level of your study, but you will receive a selection of texts from the Cambridge Latin Course, Suburani Latin course, Latin to GCSE and Greek to GCSE
  • a subscription to the Suburani online resource
  • a fully paid subscription to ExamPro, a database of past KS3, GCSE and A-level exam questions
  • access to thousands of relevant physical and e-books through our Library
  • licensed software such as Microsoft Office and Adobe Acrobat Pro
  • access to Box of Broadcasts, a huge collection of documentaries, schools TV, films and drama that you can stream for free. 

Contact us

If you have any queries about studying an SKE at Sussex, email

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