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Project Reports and Outputs

Gypsy Roma Traveller (GTR) Communities: Accessing Higher Education

Work Package 1: Internationalisation with Equity and Diversity?

Work Package 2: Debating and Designing a Module to Encourage Reflexive Accounts of Internationalisation

In September 2016, Professor Louise Morley, Professor Nafsika Alexiadou and Dr José González Monteagudo were on secondment to the Roma Education Fund, Budapest, where they worked with Dr Marius Taba and Dr Stela Garaz to write a paper Internationalisation and Migrant Academics: The Hidden Narratives of Mobility. The paper was based on interviews with 14 migrant academics (of whom four were members of the Roma community).  The research findings suggest that there is a a complex coagulation of opportunities and constraints. While there are many gains from internationalisation, including transcultural learning, enhanced employability and inter-cultural competencies, there are also less romantic aspects to mobility including ‘otherness’, affective considerations such as isolation, and questions about whose knowledge is circulating in the global academy?

A further output was developed at the University of Sussex with the assistance of Dr Catherine Pope in the form of a Training Module.

Work Package 3: Network of Roma Early Stage Researchers

Part of this Work Package involved the development of a Facebook Group to support Roma students in higher education internationally.

Another aspect was to search resources. Visit our Resources pages for links to useful resources on Higher Education Internationalisation and Roma Education.

Work Package 4: Supporting Roma Students in Higher Education

This Work Package involved the secondment to the Roma Education Fund, Budapest of three Early Stage Researchers (Danvers, Norberg, Soria-Vichez) and three Experienced Researchers (Alexiadou, Hinton-Smith, Padilla-Carmona).

The Early Stage and Experienced Researchers from Seville, Sussex, and Umea researched their national policy contexts for including Roma communities in Higher Education.

Work Package 5: Researching Marginalised Minorities in Higher Education Institutions - Policies and Practice

Early Stage  Researchers (Idrizi ,Notar, Petre, Tomic) and Experienced Researcher (Garaz) from the Roma Education Fund were seconded to the Universities of Seville, Sussex and Umea to research Widening Participation Policies in Spain, Sweden and the UK.

Work Package 6: Research Methodologies Training for Equality and Diversity

15 Early Stage Researchers from the Roma Education Fund were seconded to the University of Sussex in 2015, 2016 and 2017 for Research Training in Equality and Diversity.

Gypsy Roma Traveller (GTR) Communities: Accessing Higher Education