Centre for Higher Education and Equity Research (CHEER)


These pages contain a database of of reports and articles relevant to those interested in studying or researching internationalisation and mobility in higher education. Due to the HEIM project's particular interest in Roma access to, and experience of, higher education, there is also a database on Roma Education, including research and discussion on earlier stages of education. A great deal of research is available on both subjects and we make no claims that what is here is comprehensive. Further suggestions for links to resources are welcome.



Research carried out within the HEIM project conforms to the University of Sussex Code of Practice for Research and to the similar policies of other partners in the project. References provided here to work carried out outside the project are offered on the basis of their potential relevance for those studying inclusion in higher education and especially Roma engagement. Any interpretations, opinions and views expressed are not necessarily those of the partners of the HEIM project (see also University of Sussex policy on Freedom of Speech).