Centre for Higher Education and Equity Research (CHEER)

The CHEER Team

Louise Morley - cropProfessor Louise Morley: Director, CHEER

Louise's research interests focus on international higher education policy, with particular emphasis on equity, gender, leadership, participation, quality and power. She has directed several large-scale research projects including the ESRC/DFID project on Widening Participation in Higher Education in Ghana and Tanzania: Developing an Equity Scorecard.

Louise is a Fellow of the Academy of Social Sciences, a Fellow of the Society for Research into Higher Education, a Senior Research Fellow, Centre for Gender Excellence, University of Örebro, Sweden, the 2013-2014 Inaugural Chair, Women’s Leadership Centre, Universiti Kebangsaan, Malaysia and a Guest Professor, University of Gothenburg, 2016-2017.

Louise led Work Package 2: 'Debating and Designing a Module to Encourage Reflexive Accounts of Internationalisation', following a secondment with colleagues from the Universities of Seville and Umea to the Roma Education Fund, Budapest in September 2016.

Emily Danvers - crop2


Dr Emily Danvers: Co-Director, CHEER

Emily's PhD research looked at at undergraduate students and their engagements with critical thinking.

Within the HEIM project, Emily was an Early Stage Researcher working on Work Package 4: 'Supporting Roma Students in Higher Education', and was seconded to the Roma Education Fund in Budapest for a month in March 2015. She worked in Budapest with other Early Stage Researchers from Umea and Seville to produce a report investigating the issues surrounding Roma students' access to higher education.

CHEER doctoral student: Jessica GagnonDr Jessica Gagnon

Following her viva voce examination on 18 February 2016, Jessica was awarded an unconditional pass for the award of PhD in Education for her research ‘Born to Fight: The university experience of the daughters of single mothers who are first generation students in the United Kingdom’.

No longer affiliated with the HEIM research project, Jessica assisted during 2016 and is currently an Associate member of the CHEER research centre.

Dr Tamsin Hinton-Smith - cropDr Tamsin Hinton-Smith

Tamsin is a Senior Lecturer in Higher Education with a particular interest in addressing intersections of gender with other aspects of identity in informing experiences of international HE participation, building on her prior research with lone and teenage parents, and exploring the relevance of these issues for HE participants engaged with through HEIM.

Within the HEIM project, Tamsin was responsible for leading Work Package 4: 'Supporting Roma Students in Higher Education', which took place in Budapest in March 2015, and Work Package 5: 'Researching Marginalised Minorities in Higher Education Institutions: Policies and Practice' at Seville, Sussex, and Umea October- November 2015.

CHEER GTRA: Tanja JonaovicTanja Jovanovic: Doctoral Researcher

Tanja is a Doctoral Researcher looking at Roma student’s access to Higher Education in Serbia. Her research interests focus on social mobility, marginalisation, exclusion and discrimination, institutional and social experiences of racism and widening participation in higher education.

Within the HEIM project, Tanja worked with Dr Tamsin Hinton-Smith on Work Package 4: 'Supporting Roma Students in Higher Education', which took place in Budapest from March 2015, and Work Package 5: 'Researching Marginalised Minorities in Higher Education Institutions: Policies and Practice' at Sussex from October 2015. She also worked with John Pryor and Paul Roberts on Work Package 6 in Sussex in June 2015. 

CHEER Current Student: Daniel Leyton AtenasDaniel Leyton Atenas: Doctoral Researcher

Daniel is a PhD student within CHEER investigating the relationship between widening participation policies, and the experiences and subjectivities of lower-class university students. His research questions how these students experience the demands/incitements of the educational policy discourses and practices that are embedded in a higher education space for which multiple inequalities and misrecognitions abound.

Within the HEIM project, Daniel was an Early Stage Researcher on Work Package 3: ‘Roma Early Stage Researcher Network’. He was seconded to the Roma Education Fund (REF) in Budapest for May-July 2016 to work with other ESRs from Umeå and Seville to a) enhance and research the REF online network of ESRs from Roma backgrounds across the EU, and b) create a website to support the Roma ESR community linked to CHEER web communications.

Caterina Mazzilli: Doctoral Researcher

Caterina is a Doctoral Researcher in Migration Studies within the Sussex Centre for Migration Research, in the Department of Geography at the University of Sussex. She completed a Laurea Triennale (BA) in International Relations and Human Rights at the University of Padova, Italy (First Class, 2006-2009) and a Laurea Magistrale (MA) in International Cooperation, Development and Human Rights at the University of Bologna, Italy (Distinction, 2010-2012). During her MA studies, she spent six months at the Universität Bremen, Germany as an Erasmus student.

Within the HEIM project, Caterina worked as an Early Stage Researcher - with Daniel Leyton Atenas and Professor John Pryor from Sussex and Jose Antonio Marquez Aguirre from Seville - on Work Package 3: Roma Early Stage Researcher Network in May and June 2016 at the Roma Education Fund, Budapest.

Dr Charlotte MorrisDr Charlotte Morris: CHEER Research Fellow

A Teaching Fellow at the University of Sussex and Research Fellow for CHEER since January 2017, Charlotte teaches courses related to Sociology and Gender Studies. Her doctoral thesis was on UK heterosexual single mothers' narratives of intimacy in 2014. She is currently conducting research on experiences of student parents and carers.

Charlotte has been working to support the delivery and evaluation of the training module and resources (Work Package 2) and supporting training and dissemination events (Work Package 6). 

Umea Conference Sussex: Jan 2014


Professor John Pryor

John is Professor of Education and Social Research at the University of Sussex, where he is also Director of the ESRC Doctoral Training Centre in the Social Sciences. After working as teacher in primary and secondary schools, John took up a post as research fellow and subsequently lecturer at Sussex having gained a doctorate investigating gender and group work. His research interests centre on the social processes and outcomes of education, identity and equity including formative assessment and pedagogy, international and intercultural study and research training and the doctorate in the social sciences. John has directed research projects in both the UK and sub Saharan Africa mostly of a broadly micro-sociological nature including collaborative ethnography and action research.

Within the HEIM project, John worked on Work Package 3: 'Network of Roma Early Stage Researchers', and Work Package 6: 'Research methodologies training for equality and diversity'.

CHEER research student: Paul RobertsPaul Roberts: Assistant Director, Doctoral School

Paul is Assistant Director within the University of Sussex's Research and Enterprise Division with specific responsibility for doctoral students and research staff. He is also a part-time Doctor of Education student in CHEER exploring the impact of neo-liberalism on higher education.  

Within the HEIM project, Paul supported Professor John Pryor on Work Package 6: 'Research methodologies training for equality and diversity'.

Simone Robinson



Simone Robinson: Project Coordinator

Simone is Administrator for the Doctoral School at the University of Sussex, as well as Project Coordinator for HEIM