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Upcoming Events

  • Marie Jahoda Annual Lecture

    27 March 2023 (16:15 - 19:30 GMT), University of Sussex Campus

    The Science Policy Research Unit (SPRU) at the University of Sussex Business School are delighted to host the 2022 Marie Jahoda Annual Lecture in-person. This annual event celebrates the outstanding contributions that Professor Marie Jahoda CBE made to SPRU.

    This year's lecture will be delivered by Sir James Bevan, CEO of the Environment Agency, followed by a panel discussion and Q&A.

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  • Eu-SPRI 2023 Conference

    14 - 16 June 2023, University of Sussex Falmer Campus

    The European Forum for Studies of Policies for Research and Innovation (Eu-SPRI) summer conference is the leading, annual European event on science, technology and innovation policy. The Science Policy Research Unit (SPRU) are delighted to host this year's conference on the theme: Research with Impact.

    Ahead of the conference, an Early Career Researcher Event will be held on June 13th, aiming to support early career scholars in developing their research profile and professional career.

    For more information visit the EuSPRI 2023 conference website

  • BAM 2023 Conference

    1 September (virtual day) and 5 - 6 September 2023 (in-person), University of Sussex Falmer Campus

    This September, the British Academy of Management's 37th Annual Conference will be hosted by the University of Sussex Business School. Explore the exciting theme of BAM 2023: Towards Disruptive Sustainability: New Business Opportunities and Challenges.

    The Call for Papers opens on January 10th and will close on March 10th.

Research Seminars: Spring 2023

  • Accounting & Finance

    Wednesday 8 March: Matej Nevrla – Charles University

    Common Idiosyncratic Quantile Risk

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    Tuesday 14 March: Panos Tzouvanas – University of Sussex

    Climatic Conditions, Financial and Subjective Wellbeing Evaluations

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  • Business Finance 

    Thursday 9 February: Koji Takahashi – BIS, Basel

    Bank of Japan's ETF Purchase Program and Equity Risk Premium: A CAPM Interpretation

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    Thursday 23 February: Anh Tran – City, University of London

    When and How Are Rule 10b5-1 Plans Used for Insider Stock Sales?

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    Thursday 2 March: Quan Pham Minh Nguyen  University of Sussex

    Satellite Launches, Investor Attention, and Stock Return Comovement

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    Thursday 16 March: Christian Conrad – Heidelberg University

    Macroeconomic Announcements and the Volatility Feedback Effect

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    Thursday 23 March:  David Buckle – INQUIRE

    When a dearth of active management affects market performance either the Grossman-Stiglitz paradox is explained, or the asset management industry needs a levy

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    Thursday 30 March: Marianna Marra – University of Sussex

    Research assessment exercises and research innovation: An empirical investigation for the UK case

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  • Digit Debates
  • Economics

    Wednesday 1 February: David de la Croix – UC Louvain

    The Emergence of the Child Quantity - Quality Tradeoff - insights from early modern

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    Wednesday 8 February: Phillip McCalman – University of Melbourne

    e-Globalization and Trade Agreements

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    Wednesday 15 February: Yujung Hwang – John Hopkins University

    Structural Analysis of Xenophobia

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    Wednesday 1 MarchTravis Lybbert – UCDavis 

    Testing the Limits of Cellphone Metadata for Poverty Measurement and Impact Evaluation in Haiti

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    Wednesday 29 March: Lukasz Wozny

    On efficient mechanisms for rewarding academic publications

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  • Energy
  • Information Systems 

    Friday 24 February: Will Venters  LSE

    The breakdown of process in Customer Relationships Management (CRM) infrastructure: Examining coupling in the coordination of customer and advisor

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  • Joint Surrey Sussex Seminar

    Wednesday 25 January: Pádraig Carmody – University of Dublin

    A Global Digital Reversal? Interrogating the Potential of Digital Technology in the Global South

    Thursday 23 MarchEmmanuella Plakoyiannaki

    Two sides of the Coin: Methodological Pluralism and Fit in Qualitative Research

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    Wednesday 10 May: Adam D. Dixon – Edinburgh Business School and Javier Capapé –  IE University 

    Sovereign Wealth Funds: Between the State and Markets 

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  • QFIN (Quantitative FinTech)

    Wednesday 1 February: Sam Rosen  Temple University

    Investor Experience Matters: Evidence from Generative Art Collections on the Blockchain

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    Wednesday 8 February: Marc-Oliver Pohle – Goethe University, Frankfurt

    Generalised Correlation

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    Wednesday 15 February: Grigory Vilkov – Frankfurt School of Finance and Management

    Media Narratives and Price Informativeness

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    Wednesday 22 February: Jie Cao – Hong Kong Polytechnic University

    Forecasting Option Returns with News

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    Wednesday 8 March: Bing Han – University of Toronto

    Idiosyncratic Volatility and the ICAPM

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    Wednesday 22 March: Carole Bernard – Grenoble Ecole de Management

    Option-Implied Dependence and Correlation Risk Premium

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    Wednesday 29 March: Raman Uppal – EDHEC Business School

    What is Missing in Asset-Pricing Factor Models

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  • SPRU

    Thursday 26 January: Nonhlanhla Dube – Lancaster University

    Resourcing by Humanitarian Organisations in the Humanitarian-Development Nexus: The Quest for Sustained and Sustainable Outcomes

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    Friday 24 February: Mark Dodgson – Oxford University

    Innovation ecosystems and research in times of crisis: the cases of fusion power and the Oxford/AstraZeneca Covid-19 vaccine

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    Wednesday 8 March: Saurabh Arora and Andy Stirling – University of Sussex

    Let the pluriverse grow

    Friday 24 March: Gary Dushnitsky – LBS 

    Where is Shopify Valley? Mapping Neighborhood Inclusion in Low-Code Entrepreneurship

    Wednesday 29 March: Anindya Chakrabarti – IIMA

    Technology Replacement in Emerging Economies: Evidence from Electronic Medical Records

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    Tuesday 2 May: Professor Elizabeth Cobbs – Texas A&M University

    Book Talk: Fearless Women: Feminist Patriots from Abigail Adams to Beyoncé

  • Strategy & Marketing

    Wednesday 27 April: Giana Eckhardt – King’s College London and Dr Alexsandrina Antanasova  Bayes Business School

    Liquid Consumer Security

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  • Sustainability in Accounting, Finance & Economics

    Wednesday 15 March: Professor Chris Chapman – University of Bristol

    Materiality as boundary object: Accretion of significance for sustainability (online)

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    Wednesday 22 March: Professor Abraham Lioui – EDHEC Business School

    Understanding the Carbon Price(s) of Risk

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    Wednesday 26 April: Professor Mahbub Zaman – University of Hull

    CEO Leadership and ESG Performance: Boardroom Diversity and Critical Mass

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    Tuesday 2 May: Professor Stavros Zenios – University of Cyprus

    The risks from climate change to sovereign debt

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     Wednesday 10 May: Professor Tom Chemmanur – Boston College

    The Entrepreneurial Finance of Fintech Firms and the Effect of Fintech Investments on the Performance of Corporate Investors

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  • Visiting Leading Scholar

    Friday 31 March: Paul Hibbert – University of St Andrews Visiting Leading Scholar

    Reflexivity and Reflexive Practice Workshop

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    Academy of Management Learning & Education Paper Development Workshop

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Research Seminars: Autumn 2022

  • Accounting and Society

    Wednesday 28 September: Turan Bali – Georgetown University 

    A Factor Model for Stock Options 

    Thursday 29 SeptemberTuran Bali – Georgetown University 

    Publishing in top journals: What we need to know 

    Monday 3 October: Accounting workshop 

    Accountability & Finance for Crisis workshop 

    Thursday 8 December: Panagiotis Koutroumpis – University of Sussex

    Corporate Social Responsibility and Firm Survival: Evidence from the Climate and Pandemic Crises

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  • Business Finance 

    Thursday 27 October: Jack Downey & Kwame Ababio – Prequin

    Preqin Pro - Alternative Assets Data Platform

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    Thursday 17 November: Bo Wang – University of Southampton 

    Do Tournament Incentives Influence Labor Investment Efficiency? 

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    Wednesday 30 November: Samuel Fosu – University of Sussex

    Credit information sharing and cost of debt in developing countries

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  • Digit Debates

    Wednesday 12 October: Fang Lee Cooke - (Monash University), University of Sussex Leading Visiting Scholar

    Can we talk about strategic Human Resource Management in the gig economy?

    Wednesday 2 NovemberBecky Faith – Institute of Development Studies and Digital Futures at Work Research Centre

    Digital Levelling up in Sussex

    Wednesday 16 November: Tomas Kochan –  MIT 

    Shaping the future of work: an activist research agenda

    Wednesday 23 November: Pawel Adrjan – Director of EMEA Economic Research at the Indeed Hiring Lab & Research Fellow at Regent’s Park College, Oxford

    Working from home after Covid-19

  • Economics

    Monday 10 October: Subrato Bannerjee – Indian Institute of Technology

    Fairness is flexible: A study of competing focal points

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    Wednesday 12 October: Pawel Doligalski – University of Bristol 

    Redistribution with Performance Pay 

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    Wednesday 26 OctoberMeredith Crowley– University of Cambridge 

    The Pro-Competitive Effects of Trade Agreements 

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    Wednesday 2 November: Carlo Pizzinelli – IMF 

    Job Polarization and the Declining Wages of Young Female Workers in the United Kingdom 

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    Wednesday 9 NovemberSomdeep Chatterjee – IIM

    Sweet Cash: Is Healthcare a Normal Good for Women in Developing Countries?

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    Wednesday 16 November: Pawel Gola – University of Edinburgh

    On the Importance of Social Status for Occupational Sorting

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    Wednesday 21 November: Matthias Doepke – Northwestern University 

    The Economics of Fertility: A New Era

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    Wednesday 30 November: Ilse Lindenlaub – Yale University

    Firm Sorting and Spatial Inequality 

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    Monday 5 DecemberAkanksha Marphatia – UCL

    A biosocial perspective on women’s early marriage in rural India and Nepal

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    Wednesday 7 December: Severine Toussaert – University of Oxford

    Stochastic dominance and preference for randomization

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  • Energy
  • Joint Sussex Surrey Seminar

    Wednesday 19 October: George O White III – University Michigan-Flint

    Laying down the law: Assessing the effects of ethical codes and legalism on MNE monitoring of foreign subsidiary supply chain partners in emerging markets 

    Wednesday 23 NovemberZaheer Kan – University of Aberdeen Business School

    Title tbc

    Wednesday 7 December: Mirko Benischke – Erasmus University 

    Emerging Multinationals and Pro-Market Reversals: Escape OFDI In Response to Institutional Change

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  • QFIN (Quantitative FinTech)
  • Responsible Business

    Thursday 1 December: Yvette Sterbenk, Ithaca College; Mustafa F. Özbilgin, Brunel Business School; Emma Cleary, Flexibility Matters; Gülsünay Uysal Kaba, Teklas

    New Approaches to Addressing Gender Inequality in Business and Society

  • SPRU

    Wednesday 28 September: Tony Golding – Cambridge Mechatronics Limited

    Cambridge Mechatronics Limited – A Case Study in Technological Innovation 

    Wednesday 12 OctoberAnn Light – University of Sussex

    Abundant creativity 

    Wednesday 2 NovemberMahmood Bhutta – BSMS

    Sustainable Supply Chains for Healthcare Equipment

    Wednesday 9 NovemberMax Lacey Barnacle – University of Sussex 

    Community Wealth Building in an age of just transitions: exploring civil society approaches to net zero and future research synergies

    Thursday 10 November: Inga Ulnicane – De Montfort University

    Bad Governance? Critical perspectives on governance of Artificial Intelligence

    Wednesday 16 NovemberLaur Kanger – University of Sussex 

    Should we (still) rethink science, technology and innovation? Evidence from the Deep Transitions framework?

    Wednesday 30 November: Saurabh Arora and Andy Stirling – University of Sussex 

    Let the pluriverse grow

    Thursday 8 December: Allison Loconto – INRA France

    Governing agroecological transitions: Standards as institutional innovations

  • Strategy & Marketing

    Monday 10 October: Marina Biniari – Aalto University

    How employees’ Time Valuations Influence Innovation Implementation

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  • Sustainability in Accounting, Finance & Economics

    Thursday 13 OctoberMansoor Afzali – Hanken School of Economics

    Climate Change Denial and Corporate Environmental Performance

    Tuesday 8 November: Jiří Witzany – University of Economics, Prague

    Machine learning applications to valuation of options on non-liquid markets; carbon derivatives

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    Wednesday 16 November: Xian Gu – Durham University

    Friends in High Places: Political Ties and SEC Oversight of Foreign Firms

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  • Visiting Leading Scholar

    Wednesday 19 October: Fang Lee Cooke – Monash University

    Publishing in top human resource management journals

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Research Seminars: Spring 2022

  • Accounting and Society

    Wednesday 25 May: Jill Atkins – Sheffield University Management School

    Exploring the Historical Roots of Environmental and Ecological Accounting

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    Wednesday 27 April: Susan O’Leary – Royal Holloway University of London

    Misadventures in participatory accountability? Nomadic subjects and affirmative otherness in a humanitarian NGO

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    Wednesday 23 March: Steven Young – Lancaster University

    Mandatory annual report descriptions of business model and strategy, investor uncertainty, and disclosure cascade effects

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    Wednesday 16 February: Ebba Sjögren – Stockholm School of Economics, Sweden

    Maintaining a measurement apparatus: The calibration of robust internal measurement of a public sustainability target

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    Wednesday 19 January: Jill Atkins – Sheffield University Management School

    Exploring the Historical Roots of Environmental and Ecological Accounting

  • Business Finance

    Thursday 19 May: Meziane Lasfer – Bayes Business School, City, University of London

    Tournament incentives and insider trading

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    Thursday 28 April: Armin Schwienbacher – SKEMA Business School

    Private Equity Debt Funds: Who Wins, Who Loses?

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    Wednesday 16 March: David Elliott – Bank of England

    Nonbank Lenders as Global Shock Absorbers: Evidence from US Monetary Policy Spillovers

    Thursday 10 March: Richard Fairchild – University of Bath

    Patterns of Corporate Fraud: reputations, superegos and emotions - a manager-regulator game analysis

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    Thursday 17 February: Dilyara Salakhova – ECB

    Are ethical and green investment funds more resilient?

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  • Circular Economy

    Monday 25 April: Nur Gizem Yalçın - ECR for C-PlaNeT

    A systemic approach to transitions towards circular economy: the case of Brighton and Hove

    Monday 14 March: Antonius Schröder - Technische Universitat Dortmund Social Research Centre

    European Skills Alliances: Skills for the Digital, Green, and Social Transition

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  • Creative and Digital Economy

    Wednesday 4 May: James M Crick – University of Leicester

    Coopetition Strategies in the Canadian Wine Industry

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    Thursday 17 March: Greg Richards – Tilburg University

    The role of the creative industries in placemaking

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  • Digit Debates

    Wednesday 30 March: Helen Milner OBE, Group Chief Executive, Good Things Foundation and Al Mathers, Director of Research, The RSA

    How fixing the digital divide will help the country level up

    Wednesday 23 March RESCHEDULED: Zlatko Bodrožić, Associate Professor in Technology, Organisation and Sustainability, University of Leeds

    Authoritarianism, oligarchy, localism or democracy? Alternative Futures for the Digital Transformation

    Wednesday 16 March: Wil Hunt, Research Fellow, Digital Futures at Work Research Centre & University of Sussex Business School; Sudipa Sarkar, Senior Research Fellow, IER, University of Warwick; Chris Warhurst, Director, IER and Professor of Work & Employment, University of Warwick

    Is AI taking our jobs? Lessons from a survey of UK business leaders

    Wednesday 9 March: Derya Guer-Seker, Research Associate, Universität Duisburg-Essen

    Threat or opportunity? (Social) media perspectives on AI and the future of work

  • Economics

    Wednesday 11 May: Pieter Serneels – University of East Anglia

    The collective action mechanism in community-based monitoring of public services 

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    Wednesday 4 May: Andrea Goldstein – OECD

    Details to follow

    Wednesday 27 April: Bart Golsteyn – Maastricht University

    Educational outcomes of migrant children in a tracked system: lessons from a policy change

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    Wednesday 6 April: Swati Dhingra – LSE

    Wage Stagnation and the Brexit Exchange Rate Depreciation

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    Wednesday 16 March Ben Etheridge – University of Essex

    Working from Home and Worker Productivity Through the Covid-19 Pandemic

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    Wednesday 9 March: David Jaeger

    Sheepskin Effects and Heterogeneous Wage-Setting Behavior: Evidence from Mozambique

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    Wednesday 2 March: Stefan Hubner – University of Bristol

    It's complicated: A Nonparametric Test of Preference Stability between Singles and Couples 

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  • Energy
  • Food Research Methodologies

    Thursday 7 April: Abby Lopes - School of Design, University Technology Sydney

    Social Design Research Methods that Co-evolve ‘Solutions’ with Partners/Stakeholders

  • Joint Sussex Surrey Seminar

    Wednesday 6 April: Ajai Gaur - Rutgers University

    Deal Completion in Cross Border Acquisitions: The Role of Wave Timing, Acquisition Pace and Linguistic Distance

    Wednesday 9 March: Jonathan Doh – University of Villanova

    Climate Change and Innovation: The Role of Climate Risk and Institutional Context

    Wednesday 2 March: Heather Berry, George Washington University and Róisín Donnelly, Tilburg University

    Defending knowledge abroad

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    Wednesday 16 February: Keith Brouthers – KCL

    Charting New Courses to Enter Foreign Markets:Conceptualization, Theoretical Framework, & Research Directions on Non-traditional Entry Modes

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    Wednesday 16 February: Ebba Sjögren – Stockholm School of Economics, Sweden

    Maintaining a measurement apparatus: The calibration of robust internal measurement of a public sustainability target

    Wednesday 19 January: Shameen Prashantham – CEIBS

    Gorillas can dance: Lessons from Microsoft and other corporations on partnering with start-ups

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  • QFIN (Quantitative Fintech)

    Wednesday 27 April: Junlei Hu – Essex University

    Pareto-optimal insurance contracts with premium budget and minimum charge constraints

    Wednesday 30 March: Christian Conrad – Heidelberg University

    Modelling Volatility Cycles: The MF2 GARCH Model

    Wednesday 9 March: Richard Gerlach – University of Sydney

    Improving the accuracy of tail risk forecasts by combining several realized volatility estimators

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    Wednesday 2 February: Igor Makarov – LSE

    Blockchain Analysis of the Bitcoin Market

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    Wednesday 26 January: Dexin Zhou – Baruch College - Zicklin School of Business

    Anomalies, Management Expectations, and Stock Returns

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  • Responsible Business

    Thursday 26 May: Hari Bapuji (University of Melbourne), Gokhan Ertug (Singapore Management University)

    Implications of caste for MNEs and international business research

     Thursday 19 May: Adam Greene - International Labour Organization

    The State Duty to Protect as a prerequisite for the Corporate Responsibility to Respect

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    Thursday 12 May: Inés Alegre and Jasmina Berbegal Mirabent - Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya

    Mission statements: So important and so overlooked

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    Thursday 28 April: Armando Castro – UCL

    Irresponsible Businesses and the Paradox of Governance and Trust in Construction Cartels

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    Thursday 31 March: Helen Beney – University of Sussex

    Ecological entrepreneurial orientation and sustainable supply chain management

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    Thursday 24 March: Stephan Manning & Ana Suarez Lopez – University of Sussex

    Uncovering corporate scandals: The role of impact film production

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    Thursday 10 March: Haya Al-Dajani – Mohammed Bin Salman College for Business and Entrepreneurship

    Women Entrepreneurship and (Dis)Empowerment?

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    Thursday 3 March: Eva Selenko – Loughborough University

    On the political consequences of job insecurity: Empirical findings and theoretical explanations

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    Thursday 24 February: Patrick Velte – Leuphana University

    Sustainable Corporate Governance - What it is and why it matters

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  • SPRU

    Friday 6 May: Colleen Cunningham – London Business School

    Keeping Invention Confidential 

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    Friday 29 April: Patrizia Casadei – LSE CANCELLED

    Friday 8 April: Nicola Lacetera - Rotman School, University of Toronto

    Is the price right? The role of morals, ideology and tradeoff thinking in explaining reactions to price surges

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    Friday 1 April: Cosmas Ochieng – World Resources Institute CANCELLED

    Details to follow

    Friday 18 March: Lea Fünfschilling - CIRCLE, Lund

    Knowledge in transition

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    Friday 11 March: Arianna Martinelli - Sant'Anna School of Advanced Studies

    The direction of technical change in AI and the trajectory effects of government funding

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    Friday 4 March: Paola Criscuolo - Imperial College Business School

    Organization Structure of Development and Firm Innovation

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    Friday 25 February: W. Brian Arthur – External Professor, Santa Fe Institute

    Complexity Economics: a Different Approach to Economic Thinking?

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    Wednesday 23 February: Adrian Ely & Adrian Smith – University of Sussex

    Details to follow

    Friday 11 February: Arvids Ziedonis – KU Leuven

    State Government Innovation Programs and the Retention of Science and Technology Start-Ups: Evidence from the Great Lakes Region

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    Friday 4 February: Georg von Graevenitz – QMUL

    The Importance of Quality in Austere Times: University Competitiveness and Grant Income

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    Wednesday 12 January: Jan Kinne – ISTARI AI

    ISTARI.AI: Near-time economic data from large-scale web scraping and AI analyses

  • Visiting Leading Scholar

    Wednesday 9 March: Mats Alvesson – Lund University

    Reimagining the Research Process

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    Friday 4 March: Mats Alvesson, Lund University

    Building an academic career

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Research Seminars: Autumn 2021

  • Accounting & Society

    Wednesday 1 December: Susan Smith – University of Sussex

    Contributors to the international award gap: a comparative analysis of the capitals of both UK and China domiciled students

    Wednesday 17 November: Timothy Loughran – Mendoza College of Business, Notre Dame University, Indiana, USA

    Measuring Firm Complexity

    Wednesday 13 October: Rainer Lueg & Yassin Bouzzine - Leuphana University, Lüneburg, Denmark

    The reputation costs of executive misconduct accusations: A stock market perspective on #MeToo in the US

    Thursday 30 September: Massimo Contrafatto – University of Sussex

    Organisational Responses to Competing Institutional Logics: The Emergence of Social and Environmental Reporting in a Chinese State-owned Enterprise (co-authored with Teng Li and Ataur Belal)

  • Business Finance

    Thursday 9 December: Wasim Ahmad – Cranfield University

    Board Cultural Diversity and IPO Survival: Evidence from UK AIM

    Thursday 25 November: Marc Goergen – IE Business School

    Between Scylla and Charybdis: CEO Political Ideology, Dividends and Downsizing During the Pandemic

    Thursday 4 November: Sami Adwan & Mostak Ahamed – University of Sussex

    Non-executive employee ownership and corporate investment efficiency: Evidence from Europe

  • Economics

    Wednesday 8 December: Jishnu Das – Georgetown University

    Randomized Regulation: The impact of Minimum Quality Standards on Health Markets (co-authored with Guadalupe Bedoya and Amy Dolinger)

    Wednesday 1 December: Richard Blundell – UCL

    Wage Progression, Human Capital and Labour Market Inequality

    Wednesday 24 November: Ian Crawford – Oxford University

    Econometrics for Economic Theorists: Structural models without Error Terms

    Wednesday 17 November: Helene Turon – University of Bristol

    Zero-hours Contracts in a Frictional Labor Market (co-authored with Juan Jose Dolado and Etienne Lale)

    Wednesday 3 November: Stephen Redding – Princeton University

    Dynamic Spatial General Equilibrium (co-authored with Benny Kleinman & Ernest Liu)

    Wednesday 27 October: Pavel Chakraborty – Lancaster University

    Cross-border environmental regulation and firm labor demand

    Wednesday 20 October: Gianmario Impulliti – University of Nottingham

    Globalisation and Market Power

    Wednesday 13 October: Luca J. Uberti - Department of Economics and Management, University of Luxembourg

    The Feminisation U, Cultural Norms, and the Plough (co-authored with Elodie Douarin)

    Wednesday 6 October: John Quah - Johns Hopkins University and National University of Singapore

    A Theory of Revealed Indirect Preference (co-authored with Gaoji Hu, Jiangtao Li, and Rui Tang)

  • Economics (internal research) 

    Monday 13 December: Annemie Maertens – University of Sussex

    Absentee landlords and land tenancy in India

    Monday 6 December: Simone Vannuccini – University of Sussex

    Market Selection in Global Value Chains

    Monday 29 November: Rocco D’Este – University of Sussex

    Scientific Advancements in Illegal Drugs Production and Institutional Responses: New Psychoactive Substances, Self-Harm, and Violence Inside Prisons

    Monday 18 October: Lisa Capretti

    Agricultural technology, food security and nutrition: the role of female empowerment for oil palm growers in Ghana (joint work with Farai Jena Amrita Saha)

    Monday 11 October: Richard Tol – University of Sussex

    The climate niche of Homo Sapiens

  • Energy
  • Information Systems

    Thursday 25 November: Panos Panagiotopoulos - Queen Mary University of London

    Algorithmic regulation and the digital transformation of regulatory authorities

  • International Business & Development 

    Wednesday 8 December: Joint Sussex-Surrey event

    Understanding and profiting from intellectual property in international business

    Speaker: Deli Yang - Michael Neidorff School of Business, Trinity University, San Antonio, Texas

    Wednesday 24 November: Joint Sussex-Surrey event

    The Contest for Value in the Global Apparel Supply Chain

    Speaker: Lilac Nachum - Baruch College of the Zicklin School of Business, New York

    Wednesday 10 November: Joint Sussex-Surrey event

    Innovation in MNEs

    Speaker: Katarina Blomkvist - Uppsala University
    Discussant: Shasha Zhao - Surrey University Business School
    Chair: Marianna Marra - University of Sussex Business School

  • PhD Research Collaboration 

    Wednesday 3 November: Seminar Series on PhD Research Collaboration

    Towards a Synergistic View on CSR in Crisis: How Large Global Firms Responded to Covid-19

    Speakers: Vicky Bamiatzi, Stephan Manning, Steven Brieger, Swati Bhargava and Shi Shi – University of Sussex and Tahir Islam, Mohammad Ali Jinnah University

  • QFIN (Quantitative Fintech)

    Thursday 9 December: Jozef Barunik – Institute of Economic Studies, Charles University in Prague

    Probabilistic Forecasting with Machine Learning and Big Data

    Wednesday 1 December: Zhan Shi – PBC School of Finance, Tsinghua University

    The Dark Side of Machine Learning: Evidence from the Corporate Bond Market

    Wednesday 17 November: Evgeny Lyandres – Coller School of Management

    Competition and product quality: Fake trading on crypto exchanges

    Wednesday 10 November: Matthias Reginald Fengler – University of St. Gallen

    Identifying structural shocks to volatility through a proxy-MGARCH model

    Wednesday 3 November: George Filis – University of Patras

    Vulnerability of stock market risks to oil price volatility shocks

    Wednesday 13 October: Thomas Nitschka – Swiss National Bank

    Stock market evidence on the international transmission channels of US monetary policy surprises

  • SPRU

    Wednesday 15 December: Bernardo Cantone, Nicholas Dacre, David Eggleton, and Vasilis Gkogkidis – SPRU

    A SPRU Wednesday seminar by the Innovation & Project Management Research Mobilisation Group

    Friday 10 December: Paula Stephan – Georgia State University

    Uncertainty and Risk Taking in Science
    The presentation builds upon joint research with Chiara Franzoni and Reinhilde Veugelers

    Wednesday 8 December: Jan-Peter Kleinhaus and Julia Hess – Stiftung Neue Verantwortung

    Understanding the Global Chip Shortage
    A SPRU Wednesday Seminar by the AI Research Mobilisation Group

    Friday 3 December: Gino Cattani - NYU Stern

    Penrosian Resources, Shadow Options and Exaptation: The Emergence of New Drug Uses in the Pharma Industry (co-authored with Pierpaolo Andriani, Kedge Business School)

    Friday 26 November: Tine de Moor - Rotterdam School of Management

    Coping through cooperation? Institutions for Collective action in and after crises, in past and present

    Friday 19 November: Mirva Peltoniemi - University of Jyväskylä

    Explaining the survival of an R&D consortium for 93 years

    Friday 12 November: Fulvio Castellacci - TIK, University of Oslo

    Innovation and social welfare: A new research agenda

    Friday 5 November: Carliss Baldwin - Harvard Business School

    How Technology Shapes Organizations: Chandler vs Moore

    Friday 29 October: Chirantan Chatterjee - SPRU

    Research and Market Structure: Evidence from A Pathogenic Outbreak (joint work with Mayank Aggarwal, Anindya Chakrabarti and Matthew Higgins).

    Friday 22 October: Aija Leiponen - Cornell University

    Profiting from Attention to Data Privacy? Evidence from U.S.-listed Firms under the GDPR

    Wednesday 20 October: Peter Senker – SPRU Honorary Fellow

    The need for reform of agricultural and food industries

    Friday 15 October: Raphie Kaplinsky, University of Sussex & Carlota Perez, SPRU Honorary Fellow

    Not just a sustainable environment – Systemic sustainability seen through the lens of techno-economic paradigms

    Friday 15 October: Rema Padman – Carnegie Mellon University, Maria Savona & Michael Hopkins - University of Sussex

    Ask the Doctor to Prescribe a YouTube Video? An Augmented Intelligence Video Analytics Approach for Patient Education and Health Literacy (by Rema Padman, Carnegie Mellon University)
    A SPRU Digital Medical Innovation Workshop

    Friday 8 October: Erica Fuchs and Christophe Combemale – Carnegie Mellon University

    Not all technological change is equal: how the separability of tasks mediates the effect of technology change on skill demand

Research Seminars: Spring/Summer 2021 

  • Accounting & Society 

    Wednesday, 21 April: Danielle McConville – Queen’s University, Belfast

    Accounting at the margins? A structured literature review of nonprofit accounting research and future opportunities

    Thursday 18 March 2021: Ileana Steccolini - University of Essex

    Moral sentiments and collective action: performing accountability at the time of a crisis (co-authored with Claudio Columbano and Daniela Pianezzi)

    Wednesday 13 January 2021: Tobias Polzer, University of Vienna & Galina Goncharenko, University of Sussex

    The Legitimation of Digital Innovations and Accountability Relationships between Government and Citizens: A Case of COVID-19 Contact Tracing Apps in the UK

  • Business Finance 

    Thursday 27 May: Ljubica Dordevic– IMF

    Gender Inequality and Economic Growth: Evidence from Industry-Level Data (Co-authored with Ata Can Bertay & Can Sever)

    Thursday 20 May: Louisa Chen – University of Sussex

    The impact of capital flow volatility on exchange rate volatility: from mitigating factors to the FX resilience measure  (Co-authored with Estelle Xue Liu (IMF) and Zijun Liu (HKMA))

    Thursday 6 May: Qizhi Tao - Southwestern University of Finance & Economics

    Board Social Networks, Risk-Taking, and Firm Performance

    Thursday, 15 April: Andre De Silva – Federal Reserve Board

    Pirates without Borders: the Propagation of Cyberattacks through Firms’ Supply Chains

    Thursday 8 April: Rebecca De Simone – London Business School

    Effect of Passive Investing on Stocks: Evidence from Adoption of ETF Creation in Israel (Co-authored with Polina Dovman (Columbia Business School) and Ilan Gildin (Israel Securities Authority))

    Thursday 25 March 2021: Barbara Casu – Cass Business School

    Offshore wholesale funding and liquidity shocks: evidence from the Euro sovereign debt crisis (co-authored with A. Gallo, A. Kontonikas and S. Maiani)

    Thursday 18 March 2021: Elisabeth Kempf – University of Chicago Booth, School of Business

    The Political Polarization of U.S. Firms (co-authored with Vyacheslav Fos, Boston College, ECGI, CEPR & Margarita Tsoutsoura Cornell University, CEPR, ECGI, and NBER)

    Thursday 25 February 2021: Giorgia Barboni – Warwick Business School

    Cultural Proximity and the Formation of Lending Relationships (co-authored with A. Accetturo, M. Cascarano and Emilia Garcia-Appendini)

    Thursday 18 February 2021: Richard Fairchild – University of Bath

    Patterns of Corporate Fraud: reputations, superegos and emotions - a manager-regulator game analysis

    Thursday 4 February 2021: Izidin El Kalak – University of Cardiff

    Unconventional monetary policy and stock liquidity

  • Economics 

    Wednesday 28 April: Giacomo de Giorgi – University of Geneva

    Lifecycle Inequality: Blacks and Whites Differentials (Co-authored with Luca Gambetti & Costanza Naguib)

    Wednesday 21 April: Costas Meghir – Yale

    Migration and Informal Insurance: Evidence from a Randomized Controlled Trial and a Structural Mode (Co-authored with Ahmed Mushfiq MobarakCorina D. Mommaerts & Melanie Morten)

    Wednesday 24 March 2021: Hamish Low – Oxford University

    Disability Insurance: Error Rates and Gender Differences (co-authored with Luigi Pistaferri)

    Wednesday 17 March 2021: Jan Eckhout – BGSE/UPF

    Market Power and Wage Inequality (co-authored with Shubhdeep Deb, Aseem Patel, Larry Warren)

    Wednesday 10 March 2021: Clemens Puppe - Karlsruhe Institute of Technology

    Resource Allocation by Frugal Majority Rule (co-authored with Klaus Nehring)

    Wednesday 3 March 2021: Mary-Ann Bronson – Georgetown University

    The Wage Growth and Within-Firm Mobility of Men and Women: New Evidence and Theory

    Wednesday 24 February 2021: Kareen Rozen – Brown University

    Communication, Perception and Strategic Obfuscation (co-authored with Geoffroy de Clippel)

    Wednesday 17 February 2021: Gerelt Tserenjigmid – Virginia Tech

    Behavioral Foundations of Nested Stochastic Choice and Nested Logit (co-authored with Matthew Kovach)

    Wednesday 10 February 2021: Paula Gobbi – Université Libre de Bruxelles

    Economic Uncertainty and Fertility Cycles: Baby Boom and Busts in Twentieth Century America (co-authored with Bastien Chabé-Ferret)

    Wednesday 3 February 2021: Rahul Deb – University of Toronto

    Choice Consistency with Learning from Common Information

  • Economics (internal research)

    Monday 26 April: Amalavoyal Chari – University of Sussex

    Monday 19 April: Tom Potoms – University of Sussex

    A House and a Spouse are all we need? Housing demand, labor supply and divorce over the lifecycle (Co-authored with Bram De Rock (ECARES, KU Leuven) and Mariia Kovaleva (ECARES))

    Monday 22 March 2021: Peter Dolton – University of Sussex

    Econometric Challenges of Modelling Covid-19

    Monday 15 March 2021: Gio Mion – University of Sussex

    The UK's great demand and supply recession

    Monday 8 March 2021: Rocco D’Este – University of Sussex

    Universal Credit and Crime

    Monday 1 March 2021: Gabriella Cagliesi – University of Sussex

    Are We All in This Together? Alleviating the Childcare Constraint for Women in Economic Crises (co-authored with Denise Hawkes)

    Monday 22 February 2021: Pawel Dziewulski – University of Sussex

    A comprehensive method for studying non-transitive indifferences and approximate utility maximisation with limited data

    Monday 15 February 2021: Tom Potoms – University of Sussex

    What can we learn from a menu card? Rationalisable menu design (co-authored with Thomas Demuynck)

    Monday 8 February 2021: Luca Rondina – University of Sussex

    Imperfect Credibility, Sticky Wages, and Welfare

  • Energy
  • Future of Work 

    Thursday 20 May: Fabio Landini – University of Parma

    Robots, Digitalization, and Worker Voice

    Thursday 22 April: Mats Alvesson – Lund University

    Return to Meaning. For a social science with something to say

     Thursday 18 March 2021: Nada Endrissat - Bern University of Applied Sciences, New Work Institute

    From Sites to Vibes. Practices of Technology and the Navigation of Space

    Wednesday 3 March 2021: Janine Berg, Senior Economist, International Labour Office, Geneva (Joint Seminar with Digit (Digital Futures at Work Research Centre))

    Protecting workers in the digital age

    Thursday 18 February 2021: Simel Eşim Head – Cooperatives Unit, ILO

    Cooperatives and the Wider Social Economy Response to the Future of Work

    Thursday 4 February 2021: Eli Revelle Yano Wilson – University of New Mexico

    Front of the House, Back of the House: Race and Inequality in the Lives of Restaurant Workers

  • International Business & Development

    Wednesday 19 May: Joint Sussex-Surrey event

    Female Leaders in Global Firms


    Zahira Jaser – University of Sussex;

    Gabriele Zedlmayer - Former Hewlett Packard Chief Progress Officer

    Natalia Baldizzoni - Senior Design and Construction Manager for KFC Central and Eastern Europe

    Wednesday, 28 April: Joint Surrey-Sussex seminar series

    International Business, Climate Change and the Energy Transition

    Speakers:  Francesca Ciulli & Ans Kolk

    Facilitated by: Shasha Zhao

    Wednesday 24 March 2021: Vicky Bamiatzi – University of Sussex; Roger Strange, Taz Rajwani, Stephan Manning, John Luiz.

    Publishing in International Business Journals (Joint Surrey/Sussex seminar)

    Wednesday 10 March 2021: Joint Surrey/Sussex seminar chaired by John Da Silva Luiz – University of Sussex

    International Business in Africa

    Pamela Mreji, GIBS, University of Pretoria and University of Johannesburg & Helena Barnard, GIBS, University of Pretoria presented: The micro-foundations of returnee liability: The interpersonal challenges of returnee entrepreneurs in Kenya

    Helena Barnard, GIBS, University of Pretoria,; Prof Anastacia Mamabolo, GIBS, University of Pretoria presented: On religion as an institution in international business: Executives’ lived experiences in four African countries

    Wednesday 10 February 2021: Prof Mike Peng - University of Texas (Dallas)

    Post-covid debates in global strategy and business (Joint Surrey/Sussex seminar)

  • QFIN (Quantitative Fintech)

    Wednesday 21 April: Dunhong Jin – Hong Kong University Business School

    The golden mean: The risk mitigating effect of combining tournament rewards with high-powered incentives

    Wednesday 17 March 2021: Markus Leippold – University of Zurich

    Ask BERT: How Regulatory Disclosure of Transition and Physical Climate Risks affects the CDS Term Structure

    Wednesday 10 March 2021: Menelaos Tasiou – Portsmouth Business School, University of Portsmouth

    CISEF: A composite index of social, environmental and financial performance

    Wednesday 24 February 2021: Wese Simen – University of Liverpool

    The Index Effect: Evidence from the Option Market

  • Responsible Business 

    Thursday 18 March 2021: Ozgu Karakulak– University of Sussex

    The effect of framing the idea of refugees in shaping social partnerships’ activities

    Thursday 11 March 2021: Bobby Bannerjee – Cass Business School

    Stakeholder Management in International Business: Interculturality and the Decolonial Project

    Thursday 4 March 2021: Madeleine Rauch – Copenhagen Business School

    From 'Publish or Perish' to societal impact: Organisational repurposing towards responsible innovation through creating a medical platform

    Thursday 25 February 2021: Pablo Munoz - University of Liverpool Management School; Discussant: Stephan Manning – University of Sussex

    Social impact measurement: A governance and accountability mechanism in social entrepreneurship (joint seminar with international Business & Development Research Group)

    Thursday 4 February 2021: Elizabeth David-Barrett – University of Sussex

    Private-sector collective action against corruption in international business

  • SPRU

    Friday 7 May: Silvia Lindtner – University of Michigan

    Prototype Nation: China & the Contested Promise of Innovation

    Friday 30 April: Ariel Dora Stern – Harvard University

    Regulatory Incentives for Innovation: The FDA’s Breakthrough Therapy Designation

    Friday 23 April: Pai-Ling Yin – University of Southern California, Marshall School of Business 

    Heterogeneous Applications and Platform Market Stability: Mobile Apps

    Friday 16 April: Lars Frederiksen – Aarhus University, Department of Management

    The Ripple Effect: The Effect of Rejections on Idea Supporters (Co-authored with M. Beretta, Aarhus University, A. Thomas, ESMT Berlin & L. Dahlander, ESMT Berlin)

    Friday 26 March 2021: Mercedes Delgado – Copenhagen Business School

    Clusters and the Great Recession: Implications for the COVID-19 Crisis

    Friday 19 March 2021: Andrea Brock, Lecturer in International Relations and International Development, Global Studies; Dr Saurabh Arora, Senior Lecturer in Technology and Innovation for Development at SPRU; Dr Amber Huff, social anthropologist and political ecologist, research fellow at IDS; Dr Adrian Smith, Research Professor in Technology & Society at SPRU

    The Case for Degrowth, followed by a panel discussion

    Friday 12 March 2021: Matthew Agarwala – University of Cambridge, Bennett Institute for Public Policy

    Investments for a sustainable future: the wealth economy approach

    Friday 5 March 2021: Marco Grazzi – Universita' Cattolica di Milano

    For Whom the Bell Tolls: The Effects of Automation on Wage and Gender Inequality Within Firms

    Friday 26 February 2021: Grazia Cecere – Institut Mines Telecom, Business School

    Trade-offs in Automated Political Advertising Regulation: Evidence from the COVID-19 Pandemic

    Friday 19 February 2021: Igor Asanov – University of Kassel, Institute of Economics

    Showing Life Opportunities: Increasing Opportunity-Driven Entrepreneurship and STEM Careers Through Online Courses In Schools.

  • Strategy & Marketing

    Thursday 28 January 2021: Marina Puzakova & Amir Grinstein - Lehigh Business & D'Amore-McKim School of Business at Northwestern University

    Are Robots in Service of Brands’ Socially Responsible Image?

Past Events

  • 20th International Studying Leadership Conference

    11-13 December, Brighton

    This year's conference, hosted by the University of Sussex Business School, seeks papers that ask big questions about important issues that connect in multiple forms to the conference theme of Leadership for the Future of Humanity.

    Find out more 

  • Seminar: In conversation with James Bacchus

    21 September, 4-5 pm

    Can the international trade system be reformed? In this seminar, Professor James Bacchus will discuss his new book and the challenges and reform prospects for the multilateral trading system, and respond to audience questions.

    Find out more

  • 29th International Annual EurOMA Conference

    1 - 6 July 2022 | Estrel Hotel & Conference Centre in Berlin 

    The University of Sussex Business School recently hosted the 29th Annual EurOMA Conference in Berlin. Over 500 participants from 39 countries attended with many presenting research towards the conference theme of 'Brilliance in resilience: operations and supply chain management’s role in achieving a sustainable future'.

    Find out more

  • University of Sussex Business School AI Lecture 2021

    14 December 2021 | Jubilee Building and Online

    This year's annual AI Lecture was given by Sara Hooker, Research Scientist at Google Brain. The lecture was followed by a fireside chat with Melissa Heikkilä, POLITICO Europe's AI Correspondent.

    Find out more

  • Storying food: gendered, racialised and classed politics and possibilites

    This two-day online symposium explored the politics of how food stories are encouraged or required in different organisational contexts such as fancy restaurants, food charities, museums and community food organisations. Drawing on a range of theoretical and methodological traditions, including feminist food studies, the symposium brought together scholars from organisation studies, sociology, anthropology, cultural studies, food studies and geography. Presented by the University of Sussex Business School and the Sussex Centre for Cultural Studies (in the School of Media, Arts and Humanities), in conjunction with Brighton and Sussex Universities Food Network, the symposium included a work in progress stream, reading groups, international keynotes, and panel of scholar-activists.

  • Climate Finance: Challenges and Lessons for the Future

    15 - 16 November 2021 | Online

    This two-day conference, co-organised by the University of Nottingham and the University of Sussex, explored the key developments within the financial and capital markets industry, and provided participants with unique insights into the current processes in leading institutions, strategic considerations, product development and regulatory challenges that will be central in governing climate finance over the next decade

  • Project X Conference: Sustainable Futures for Project Delivery

    Wednesday 6 October 2021 | Online

    This one-day conference organised by Project X explored how aspirations for improved project delivery can be achieved whilst addressing commitments for Levelling-Up, Net Zero and the Plan for Growth.

    Find out more

  • Launching Sustainable Futures: A Manifesto for Transformative Investment

    Wednesday 15 September 2021 | Online 1-2pm BST

    The official launch of the Deep Transitions Futures Global Investors Panel. The Panel, along with a prominent research team, is creating a manifesto for 'Transformative Investment' which looks at steering investments towards decarbonisation, the 'race to net zero' and a sustainable future.

  • Freeman Centenary/Research Policy 50th Anniversary Conference

    Friday 10 September 2021 | Hybrid (both physical and online attendance will be available)

    To mark the 100th anniversary of the birth of Chris Freeman, and the 50th anniversary of the establishment of Research Policy, the journal that he founded, SPRU is organising a one-day conference.

    Find out more

  • EurOMA 2021

    5-7 July 2021 | Online

    The 28th international annual EurOMA conference was held on the theme of 'Managing the “new normal”: The future of Operations and Supply Chain Management in unprecedented times'.

  • Virtual CineClub Special: In the Meantime Midday Comes Round...

    Wednesday 28 April | Online

    This screening of the film adaptation of Marie Jahoda's and Paul F. Lazersfeld's revolutionary Marienthal study was held to commemorate the 20th anniversary of the passing of Marie Jahoda, in collaboration with the Austrian Cultural Forum.

  • The Atom: A Love Affair - Virtual screening & Round Table Discussion

    Wednesday 5 May | Online

    This screening of ‘The Atom: A Love Affair' explored the West's relationship with nuclear power since the end of World War 2, and included a discussion with the director Vicki Lesley and Professor Andy Stirling and Dr Phil Johnstone about their research on nuclear.

  • NGO Research Day 2021

    Wednesday 17 March | Online

    The NGO Research Day 2021 discussed to what extent and how technology shapes the modern perceptions of the sector, its performance, governance and accountability and NGO identities. This event was connected to a Special Issue of The British Accounting Review that calls for reassessing NGO performance, governance and accountability in the new settings and contexts of digitalisation, but also the concerns, ambiguities and threats posed by technology.

    Find out more

  • Sussex Innovation Forum: Scaling Up Innovations and Pilots

    Friday 12 March | Online

    The Sussex Innovation Forum is an inclusive and informal series of events for businesses, local authorities and community groups to work together on driving decarbonisation in Sussex. This Forum focused on scaling up innovations and pilots. 

    Find out more

  • Climate Finance and Economics Workshop

    Friday 12 March | Online

    Climate change is creating new opportunities in modern finance and economics. This one-day workshop on climate finance and economics delved into the economics of green finance, environmental finance, climate risk, hedging climate change, climate finance assets, and the impact of weather changes on the economy. 

    Find out more

  • Eu-SPRI Mini Course 2020

    3 December 2020 | Online

    Co-organised with the European Forum for Studies of Policies for Research and Innovation, this Mini Course provided doctoral students, early-career researchers and professionals with an intensive training, focused on the intersection between innovation theory and scenario analysis.

    Find out more

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