As a dynamic, research-orientated and interdisciplinary Business School, we produce cutting-edge research that addresses real-world issues, pressing global policy agendas and business practices, whilst also being committed to developing the underlying core disciplines.

The School is committed to the University’s vision to understand and help address the grand issues of our time, by challenging conventional thinking and discourse, being creative and open in our approach and innovative in our methods in order to produce world-class research with impact.

To achieve this, the School fosters research excellence combined with the highest standards of academic rigour and applied problem-solving, bringing together the best and brightest scholars from across the globe to attain the necessary critical mass of knowledge, skills and talent.

Pioneering both innovation studies and development studies several decades ago, the School has a distinctive intellectual focus on science, technology and innovation, and sustainability and development.

Across the School, we have world-leading economists, political scientists and management scholars working to understand the interactions between business, policy, and social and economic development. Our research covers theoretical and empirical work as well as investigations into policy decision-making processes and the development of new policy ideas for the benefit of society.

We aim to contribute to the development of a better world through research into issues of significant relevance to policy debate and decision-making. In order to effect change, members of faculty work with external organisations, providing expert knowledge and rigorous analysis to help inform policy development and implementation. As a result, we are a business school with a more complete understanding of modern management because of our applied research and interest in public policy. 

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