Research Review 2022-23

Showing the real-world impact of our research at the Business School.

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We've selected projects, news and stories from 2022-2023 to highlight our world-leading work in areas as diverse as sustainability, artificial intelligence, finance, education and food systems. 

As a business school we have the highest research income in the UK, according to the Chartered Association of Business Schools July 2023. Our research grant success reflects, and allows us to build on, our engagement with important current issues confronting our economy and society.

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Global knowledge exchange

The Agricultural Voices Syria (AVS) project is a unique pairing of supply chain expertise and media skills. Using videos and podcasts it is providing vital knowledge for thousands of agricultural workers in Syria. 

Read more about Agricultural Voices Syria.  

National reach

Our research is tackling UK society's challenges across food systems and healthcare. 

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Local communities

We want to engage with people, tell their stories, look at the evidence and inform policy makers. Our local work on the Sussex Coast brings people together to tackle sustainable land use. 

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Expert insights

It is a huge challenge to keep up with all the innovations in decentralised finance that are completely reinventing the financial markets of today.” Carol Alexander
Professor of Finance
Read more from Carol on working towards a new theory of value for virtual worlds
By making use of the wealth of official statistical data – for example, the National Pupil Database and parents' school applications – we can begin to assess the validity of the Ofsted regime and its impact on schools, pupils, parents and teachers.iftikhar Hussain
Senior Lecturer in Economics

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