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Afzali, M., Colak, G., & Vähämaa, S. (n.d.). Climate Change Denial and Corporate Environmental Responsibility. Journal of Business Ethics.

Chan, K.K., Lin, M.-T., & Lu, Q. (n.d.). Corporate credit default swap systematic factors. Journal of Futures Markets.

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Ahmed, S. (n.d.). Wage theft, secrecy, and derealization of “ideal workers” in the Bangladesh garment industry. Organization Studies.

Alhaj-Ismail, A., & Adwan, S. (n.d.). The predictive ability of share-based compensation expense. Accounting and Business Research.

Issah, W. B., Ferdous, L. T., Bhuiyan, F., & Sharif, T. (2024). Digitalisation and environmental management activities: The effects of family ownership`. Business Strategy and the Environment.

Dinh, K. H. (2024). Patent applications and firm innovation outputs in the UK biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries.

Tian, S. (n.d.). Cross‐border buyout exit success. International Journal of Finance & Economics.

He, K., Pan, X., Tian, Y., & Wu, Y. (2024). Political turnover and audit opinion: evidence from China. Auditing: A Journal of Practice & Theory, 1-27.

Aussenegg, W., Goetz, L., & Jelic, R. (n.d.). European fear indices. In Handbook of Financial Integration. Edward Elgar.

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Jaser, Z., & Tourish, D. (2024). Hegemonic surveillance at work: fabricating the cyberized, totalized and thespianized employee. Organization Theory, 5(1).

Tuladhar, A., Rogerson, M., Engelhart, J., Parry, G., & Altrichter, B. (n.d.). Blockchain for compliance: an information processing case study of mandatory supply chain transparency in conflict minerals sourcing. Supply Chain Management.

Russell, E., Daniels, K. A., Jackson, T. W., & McCloskey, J. (2024, June 5). Feeling enslaved by your email? Problematic work-email use (PWEU) as a stable individual difference factor that predicts constant connectivity and its outcomes. . In 16th European Association of Occupational Health Psychology Conference. Granada, Spain: EAOHP.

Russell, E., & Cohen-Chen, S. (2024, May 15). Feeling enslaved by your email? Problematic work-email use (PWEU) as a stable individual difference factor that predicts constant connectivity and its outcomes. . In 16th European Association of Occupational Health Psychology ConferenceGranada, Spain: EAOHP.

Dmello, D., Tibbutt, H., & Russell, E. (2024, May 15). Why do people send rude work-emails? . In BPS Division of Occupational Psychology Conference. Sheffield, UK: British Psychological Society.

Russell, E., & Cohen-Chen, S. (2024, May 15). Giving thanks for agile work: the role of appreciation in building resources for low status agile workers.  In The Division of Occupational Psychology Conference 2024. Sheffield: British Psychological Society.

Van-Ess, J., & Chiedza Gadzirayi, M. (2024). Creating an inclusive classroom. In Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Conference 2024: The future is now: Building EDI practice for the changing world of HE. Hilton, Liverpool.

Dubey, R., Bryde, D. J., Blome, C., Dwivedi, Y. K., Childe, S. J., & Foropon, C. (2024). Alliances and digital transformation are crucial for benefiting from dynamic supply chain capabilities during times of crisis: A multi-method study. International Journal of Production Economics, 269.

Lammi, M., Holgado, M., & Antikainen, M. (2024). Rethinking consumer acceptance of circular services and product-service-systems. In Proceedings of the 10th International Conference on Sustainable Design and Manufacturing (KES-SDM 2023) Vol. 377 (pp. 191-201).

Holgado, M., Blome, C., Schleper, M. C., & Subramanian, N. (n.d.). Brilliance in resilience: operations and supply chain management’s role in achieving a sustainable future. International Journal of Operations and Production Management.

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Hamilton, S., & Godley, A. C. (2024). Structure and meaning in strategic paradoxes: Exploring historical context in the emergence of agrifood standards

Andrews, L., & Da Silva Luiz, J. (n.d.). Conceptualizing institutional voids in terms of severity and how the home country affects this understanding

Beverland, M., & Cankurtaran, P. (2024). Case Study: Whisper in India. In Brand Management. Co-creating Meaningful Brands (3rd Edition ed.). Sage Publications Ltd.

Beverland, M., & Cankurtaran, P. (2024). Case Study: Glossier..  In Brand Management. Co-creating Meaningful Brands (3rd Edition ed.). Sage Publications Ltd.

Meynhardt, T., Strathoff, P., Bardeli, J., & Brieger, S. (2024). Public administration contributes to happiness: a study on the relationship between public value and happiness in Switzerland. International Journal of Public Sector Management

Meyer, K., Da Silva Luiz, J., & Fedderke, J. (n.d.). Rules of the game and credibility of implementation in the control of corruption. Journal of Business Ethics

Beverland, M., Farrelly, F., & Cankurtaran, P. (n.d.). Defining organizational design orientation: a field-based, discovery approach. Technovation, 131.

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Claire, I., Caruana, R., & Matthews, L. (2024). Business ethics. In Concise Encyclopedia of Corporate Social Responsibility (pp. 13-17). Edward Elgar Publishing

Caruana, R. (2024). Business and society. In Concise Encyclopedia of Corporate Social Responsibility (pp. 8-12). Edward Elgar Publishing

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Maertens, A., Michelson, H., Krah, K., Nourani, V., & Mhango, W. (n.d.). Village fairness norms and land rental markets. The World Bank Economic Review.

Calabrese, S. (n.d.). Household Mobility and the Political Economy and Welfare Effects of Local Tax Limits. Journal of Urban Economics.

Morita-Jaeger, M. (2024). The CPTPP: Britain’s geopolitical strategy and beyond. Council on Geostrategy.

Holmes, P., & Sasmal, S. (2024). To Judge or Not to Judge: Non Liquet in WTO Adjudication. UKTPO Working Paper.

Zhang, D. (2024). The economic significance of the EU CBAM in the UK. United Kingdom: CITP Briefing Paper.

Tol, R. S. J. (2024). Database for the meta-analysis of the social cost of carbon (v2024.0).

Zhang, D., & Winters, L. A. (2024). Will the CBAM fill the UK’s fiscal gap?. United Kingdom: CITP Briefing Paper.

Chatterjee, C., & Gupta, S. (2024). Public entry and private prices: new evidence from Indian pharmaceutical markets. Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization, 219, 473-489.

Jiang, Y., & Tol, R. S. J. (2024). Does green innovation crowd out other innovation of firms? Based on the extended CDM model and unconditional quantile regressions.

Tol, R. (n.d.). The Nobel Family. Scientometrics: an international journal for all quantitative aspects of the science of science, communication in science and science policy.

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Hill, S. J. P., Bamisile, O., Hatton, L., Staffell, I., & Jansen, M. (2024). The cost of clean hydrogen from offshore wind and electrolysis. Journal of Cleaner Production, 445.

Moore, D. A. Q., Yaqub, O., & Sampat, B. N. (2024). Manual versus machine: How accurately does the Medical Text Indexer (MTI) classify different document types into disease areas?. PLoS ONE, 19(3 March).

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Ghionis, A., & Kelle, A. (2024). The chemical weapons convention after its fifth review conference: key issues for the European Union. Stockholm, Sweden: EU Non-Proliferation and Disarmament Consortium.

Minx, J. C., Hilaire, J., Müller-Hansen, F., Nemet, G., Diluiso, F., Andrew, R. M., . . . Wiseman, J. (2024). Coal transitions—part 2: phase-out dynamics in global long-term mitigation scenarios. Environmental Research Letters, 19(3).

Bontadini, F., Evangelista, R., Meliciani, V., & Savona, M. (2024). Technology, global value chains and functional specialisation in Europe. Research Policy, 53(2).

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