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Explore the research of academics in the Department of Accounting and Finance, based within the Business School.

Our department

Research in the department is mainly conducted within our three research groups: Accounting and Society, Business Finance and Quantitative FinTech. Each group conducts high-quality research that meets the emerging agendas of the wider community of business, education and government.

Our research has significant impact, with  major contributions in areas such as climate finance, financial technology, crypto assets, data analytics in accounting, social and environmental accounting and reporting and financial misconduct. Our research informs our teaching at all levels, equipping students with insights at the cutting edge of our discipline.

The department promotes an active research culture, including regular weekly seminars with internationally recognised speakers, workshops on emerging topics, and an active PhD programme.

See below for more information on our research groups, the PhD programme, our seminar series or recent publications.

Research subject areas

  • Accounting & Society

    Our expertise is primarily in the areas of social and environmental accounting, integrated reporting and standard setting, accountability discourses, accounting ethics, data analytics in accounting and capital market-based accounting research. Our research is published in major academic journals and disseminated via high-profile research events in collaboration with national and international research networks. The group has strong ties to many non-academic institutions, including the wider business community, government, non-profit organisations and professional accountancy bodies.

    For more information, see Accounting and Society.

  • Business Finance (BF)

    BF is a cross disciplinary group with a focus on research in corporate finance and governance. We are interested in both public and private companies as well as in the roles of private equity firms, banks, and other financial intermediaries. For example, members of the group published on financial misconduct, banking regulation, entrepreneurial finance, etc.  Our most recent research examines impact of global crises (e.g. financial, pandemic, and environmental) on corporate finance.

    For more information, see Business Finance Research Group.

  • Quantitative FinTech (QFIN)

    QFIN has experts in quantitative finance, FinTech and climate finance. The group collaborates with business and industry on numerous research initiatives with direct relevance to important problems in global financial markets. Research-lead teaching with industry guest lecturers on our undergraduate and postgraduate degrees in Finance and FinTech equip our graduates to meet the challenges of the highly-skilled labour force that the financial industry requires today.

    For more information, see Quantitative FinTech (QFIN).

  • Sustainability in Accounting, Finance and Economics (SAFE)

    SAFE is a platform that generates, facilitates and supports interdisciplinary research on sustainability in the area of accounting, finance and economics. The group aims to foster and promote inter-departmental, inter-school, as well as external collaborations to undertake research projects on a wide range of themes including sustainable finance, climate finance, sustainable development, sustainability economics, social and environmental disclosure, sustainability accounting and accountability, ESG reporting, reporting and evaluation of the implementation of social development initiatives by international financial institutions and MNCs. The group aims to achieve such collaborations by initiating and facilitating dialogue and engagement between academia, business, practitioners and other societal stakeholders. SAFE also collaborates with Centre for Social and Environmental Accounting Research (CSEAR) in projects and hosting events. 

    For more information, see Sustainability in Accounting, Finance and Economics.

PhD Programme

Our researchers all have strong academic backgrounds and some have significant industry experience having held various roles in top-tier investment banks, hedge funds and relevant industries.

Find out more about our PhD programme.

Research seminars

We hold regular research seminars with internal and external speakers. 

Find out about our most recent seminars.

Latest publications


The role of accountability in workplace democracy

2022 Business Ethics Quarterly ISSN 1052-150X
Goncharenko, G

Asymmetric network connectedness of fears

11 December 2020 The Review of Economics and Statistics: 1-41
Barunik J, Bevilacqua M, Tunaru R

A 30-Year perspective on property derivatives: What can be done to tame property price risk? 

Fall 2020 Journal of Economic Perspectives 34(4): 121-145
Fabozzi, F, Shiller R, Tunaru R

Investor relations and IPO performance

17 April 2020 Review of Accounting Studies 25(2): 474-512
Chahine, S, Colak G, Hasan I, Mazboudi M

Option pricing of earnings announcement risks

1 Feb 2019 Review of Financial Studies 32(2): 646-687
Dubinsky A, Johannes M, Kaeck A, Seeger NJ


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