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2022 SPRU PhD Forum

20th-21st June 2022, hybrid in-person and online

The 28th SPRU PhD Forum took place on the 20th and 21st of June 2022. The Forum took place as a hybrid event where some presenters and moderators attended in person and some over Zoom. This time, only SPRU PhD Researchers presented their work. After two years of Covid-19 pandemic and Online Forums, a SPRU-only Forum provided the opportunity to all interested PhD Students to present their work as well as to increase the researcher community in the SPRU department. 

 After each of the Sessions, we carried a workshop that was relevant for PhD Researchers. On Day One we had a workshop led by the Library on "six ways to increase the visibility of doctoral research". On Day Two, Tim Foxon carried another talk on "What is a paper-style thesis?". After the first Day we also had a more informal networking event at the IDS bar to allow PhD students to discuss their work and to socialise with each other.


  • Day One


    (BST: GMT+1)

    Day 1 – 20 June, 2022


    Welcome to the event and Introduction

    Prof. Jeremy Kent Hall, Director at SPRU – Science Policy Research Unit

    Prof. Tim Foxon, PhD Doctoral Programme Convenor- Science Policy Research Unit Moderator: Aslı Ateş, SPRU PhD Researcher


    Dr Chantal Naidoo, Alumnus & Associate Research Fellow at the Science Policy Research Unit on financial actor contributions for just and sustainable transitions

    Jubilee Lecture Theatre 144 https://zhaw.zoom.us/j/61429525446


    Parallel Session 1 - Jub 144  https://zhaw.zoom.us/j/61429525446

    Mobility and urban spaces


    Aline Scherrer: Strategizing under uncertainty - explaining truck manufacturers' different approaches in the transition to zero-emission vehicles

    Tohmina Khatoon: Interactions between low-carbon public transport transition policy objective and sectoral policies in the Global South context. An analysis of policy coherence

    Jorge Adrian Ortiz Moreno: Socio-technical reconfigurations where infrastructure networks have failed: The case of rainwater harvesting in Mexico City

    Moderators: Rali Hiteva (online), Noam Bergman


    Parallel Session 2 - Jub 143  https://universityofsussex.zoom.us/j/9651 6300602

    Grassroots innovation and social movements


    Pablo Ayala Villalobos: “Grassroots innovation movements in Oaxaca: Innovation intermediaries and alternative pathways to innovation”

    Roman Hausmann: “Exploring possibilities of community-led economic initiatives to engage with local policy makers and citizens for collaborative action towards sustainable provisioning”

    Andrea Pérez Porres: “Re-thinking innovation beyond economic growth for sustainability transitions, the case studies of Insulate Britain, Transition Towns and the degrowth movement”

    Moderator: Rachael Durrant


    Lunch Break


    Parallel Session 3 - Jub 144 https://zhaw.zoom.us/j/61429525446

    Internet adoption, Appliance use and teleworking


    Bernardo Caldarola: Mobile Internet Adoption and Inclusive Structural Change: Evidence from Nigerian Non-Farming Enterprises

    Vicky Kasprowicz: Appliance use and the gender-energy nexus

    Yao Shi: Teleworking and carbon emissions; ICT investment and energy efficiency.

    Moderator: Laurence Williams

    Parallel Session 4 - Jub 143 https://universityofsussex.zoom.us/j/96 516300602

    Public Policy and Sovereign Wealth Funds


    Alice Livingston: Science and Public Policy in the Glyphosate

    Saga Abeer Al-Eryani: Diffusion of Solar PV in a conflict context Ali Saber - Sovereign Wealth Funds in a Post-Pandemic Landscape

    Moderator: Alexander Ghionis, Andy Stirling


    Tea Break


    Show your workings: six ways to increase the visibility of doctoral research - Jub 144 https://zhaw.zoom.us/j/61429525446

    Led by the Library, this workshop will introduce you to tools and techniques that can help you increase the visibility and reach of your research activity and showcase your expertise in your field. We will explore some straightforward approaches including building your Elements online profile, using ORCiD and sharing work effectively with Twitter. There will also be an opportunity to consider open access and address questions around sharing doctoral work openly.


    Drinks @ IDS bar

  • Day Two

    Time (BST: GMT+1)

    Day 2 – 21 June, 2022


    Parallel Session 1 - Jub 115 https://zhaw.zoom.us/j/61429525446

    Low carbon and green technologies


    Yongyuan Huang: Public policy and the rise of green technologies in China

    Shah Abdul Saadi: Vanguard projects, project capabilities and ecosystem orchestration: The case of initial grid-connected solar PV projects in Bangladesh

    Devon Wemyss: Promises and pitfalls of behaviour change smartphone apps for low carbon transitions

    Moderators: Marie Claire Brisbois, Tommaso Ciarli (online)

    Parallel Session 2 - Jub 118 https://universityofsussex.zoom.us/j/96516 300602

    Policy and semantics


    Vusumuzi Ncube: Adoption of HIV point-of-care testing in Zimbabwe: implications for health system strengthening

    Steve Scholte: ‘Serendipity' in Action; Meaning through Usage

    Jessica van Thiel: Dealing with multiple uncertainties: An exploration of local government approach to multiple regulatory and political uncertainties

    Moderators: Melina Galdos, Josh Moon


    Lunch Break


    Talk: What is a papers-style thesis? - Jub 115 https://zhaw.zoom.us/j/61429525446 Tim

    Foxon explains what is involved in a papers-style thesis

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Last forum

The 27th annual SPRU PhD (Online) Forum took place on 17th-18th June 2021 exploring the theme of Collaboration in Context: Advancing Research and Policy Practices in Science, Technology, and Innovation.

Previously held in the Jubilee lecture theatre, the Forum took place over Zoom due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

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