Study in the newest academic building on campus, with access to state-of-the-art facilities and modern, inspiring spaces.

Students of the University of Sussex Business School, walking away from the Jubilee Building where they study

Our academic building

The University of Sussex Business School is housed in the Jubilee Building - the newest academic building at Sussex.

Jubilee sits right in the heart of our campus - close to the main cafes, shops, and on-campus accommodation. In front of the building is an impressive outdoor square, with open grassed areas and seating. Plus, the Jubilee Building also has its own modern cafe and social space.

Jubilee was built to celebrate Sussex's 50th anniversary in 2012. The design aimed to complement the surrounding iconic Sussex architecture, while creating a visually stunning building in its own right - with a focus on sustainability.

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Teaching facilities

You benefit from a range of adaptable teaching spaces within the Jubilee Building, including:

  • 13 seminar rooms, each with integrated audio-visual equipment such as computers, projectors and visualisers
  • a 500-person lecture theatre, and a 60-person lecture theatre.

A lecture taking place in our 500-seater lecture theatre - one of our business school's brilliant teaching facilities

Research facilities and study spaces

The design of our Jubilee Building supports study, research and collaboration through a variety of inspiring yet practical spaces:

  • flexible working spaces throughout the building, including our study pods and small seating areas
  • a large undergraduate social study space with computers
  • two PhD/staff social spaces, providing a quiet room for research as well as networking. Plus, if you're a PhD student, you have access to our staff kitchens
  • 120 offices, meaning that students and faculty share the same spaces, leading to a high level of collaboration and a community feeling.

Michael Coulon, a Lecturer in Finance with the University of Sussex Business School

‘We’ve got a great social environment for people to feel part of the community, to all be able to work and interact in a single building.

The Jubilee Building is an excellent place to work and to study.’

Dr Michael Coulon
Lecturer in Finance

Business students doing group work in one of our study pods in the Jubilee Building

Digital resources

In the Jubilee Building, you have access to:

  • free WiFi
  • a computer room with printing facilities, which can also be booked for teaching sessions.

Specialist resources

You also benefit from cutting-edge resources and spaces designed specifically for Business, Management and Economics students, such as:

  • our trading room, which is used regularly by finance students for stock exchange and trading simulations
  • our brand new Behavioural Lab that will soon be ready to use
  • our Science Policy Research Unit's (SPRU's) Keith Pavitt library, which houses specialist science policy resources.

David Eggleton, a PhD student at the University of Sussex Business School

‘We’ve got fantastic facilities with the Keith Pavitt library, which contains every single SPRU PhD thesis ever produced.’

David Eggleton
Technology and Innovation Management PhD

Conference facilities and hireable spaces

As an organisation or employer, you can hire our 500-seater lecture theatre - plus seminar rooms for larger conferences, all with state-of-the-art audio-visual (AV) facilities.

We also have a flexible contemporary space on the ground floor of the Jubilee Building that can be used for a wide range of events. The large adaptable workspace has movable walls, as well as cutting-edge AV equipment.

This means the space can be opened out onto the cafe and the stunning atrium - perfect for networking and socialising after a more formal presentation.

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