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SPRiG Seminar Series

Our SPRiG Seminar Series provides an opportunity for SPRiG members to meet and discuss the latest research, critical approaches and service-user perspectives. They are free to attend and all are welcome. See here for a list of upcoming seminars.

We ask our speakers to share their slides with us where possible. Below you can find a list of previous SPRiG seminars, and links to download the slides.

At the present time all SPRiG seminars are taking place via videoconferencing please contact us for a Zoom link to the next meeting.


Dr Mark Hayward, Director Sussex Partnership Trust Research and Development

Prof. Kathy Greenwood University of Sussex and Sussex Partnership Trust

"Increasing access to CBT for people experiencing psychosis: Findings and lessons learnt from the GiVE2 trial"


Brief CBT for psychosis


Dr David H. Rosmarin, PhD, ABPP, Director, Spirituality & Mental Health Program, McLean Hospital

Assistant Professor, Harvard Medical School

"Beyond Religious Delusions: Spirituality, Religion & Mental Health"

Spirituality and psychosis


Erkan Alkan, Final Year PhD Student, University of Surrey

"Brain Structural Correlates of Functional Capacity in First-Episode Psychosis”

Erkan Arkan

Professor Doctor Mar Rus-Calafell, Ruhr University Bochum, Germany 

"Digital Technology and Psychosis Care"

Digital therapies

Jamie Moffatt, Final Year Doctoral Researcher, University of Sussex:

“Recreating Unusual Bodily Sensations"

Jamie Moffatt

Dr Sarah Reeve, Post Doctoral Researcher and Trainee Clinical Psychologist, University College London

"The role of sleep problems in psychosis: causal relevance and clinical implications"

sleep and psychosis



The SPRiG 2020 Festive Showcase| December 9th 

Dr Gergely Bartl, Post Doctoral Researcher: The EYE-2 project (slides for this presentation will be uploaded soon)

Changes in Early Intervention Services: A policy and process evaluation in EYE-2

Ellie Robson, PhD Student: The ProReal Study

Investigating the feasibiltiy of implementing remote online groups with an Avatar software platform

2020 Showcase

Dr Richard Whale, Consultant Psychiatrist, Sussex Partnership NHS Foundation Trust: S1P Cohort 

Outcomes in early psychosis: The S1P study

2020 Showcase

Jamie Moffatt, PhD Student: Body Dis-ownership

Investigating the feelings of body dis-ownership with mixed-reality

2020 Showcase

Dr. Mark Hayward, Sussex Partnership Trust Director of Reseach: The Voices Clinic

This presentation will reflect upon experiences within the Sussex Voices Clinic as we have delivered our interventions remotely during the pandemic.

2020 Showcase

Kelly Wilson, Clinical Research Co-ordinator: The NEON Study

NEON (Narrative Experiences Online): Accessing recovery stories online, and assessing the impact this can have on peoples’ mental health.

2020 Showcase

Dr Christopher Scane, Clinical Psychologist: The STAR Trial

The Study of Trauma and Recovery (STAR) trial. This is a multi-site RCT looking at the effectiveness of a trauma-focused CBTp intervention for people experiencing symptoms of psychosis and post-traumatic stress, as we know that rates of trauma are elevated in people with psychosis

2020 Showcase

Improving Physical Health in People with Mental Illness | November 25th 

Dr. Joseph Firth, Presidential Fellow, University of Manchester: 

 Protecting physical health in people with mental illness

Psychosis and Motherhood | October 29th

Dr Arianna Di Florio, MD, PhD Clinical Senior Lecturer, Cardiff University

Psychosis and Motherhood Slides

Virtual Reality for Mental Health | September 30th

Dr Lucia Valmaggia, Reader in Clinical Psychology and Digital Mental Health, King's College London 

A recording of this talk can be accessed here.

EMPOWER: Early signs Monitoring to Prevent relapse in psychosis and promote Wellbeing, Engagement and Recovery | May 27th

Professor Andrew Gumley, Professor of Psychological Therapy, University of Glasgow

Related papers:

 Link for the slides from the EMPOWER SPRiG lecture, May 27th 2020

Trauma-Focused CBT: Conceptual underpinnings, key interventions, and extending its reach | February 26th

Dr Nick Grey, Clinical Psychologist and Clinical Research Fellow, Sussex Partnership NHS Foundation Trust

Glossary of trauma-related terms

Title slide for traum-focused cbt lecture, click here for slide downloads


Therapists' experience of hope working with complex clients | November 20th

Dr Catarina Sacadura, Research Clinical Psychologist, Sussex Partnership NHS Foundation Trust

Click here for lecture slides

Treatment choices in psychosis | October 30th

Professor Kathryn Greenwood, Clinical Psychologist, Senior Research Fellow, University of Sussex and Sussex Partnership NHS Foundation Trust

Title slide of treatment choices in psychosis lecture, by professor kathryn greenwood

Metacognition and psychosis-spectrum experiences in clinical and non-clinical populations | September 25th

Dr Emma Palmer-Cooper, Lecturer in Psychology, University of Southampton

Picture of first slide of Emma Palmer-Coopers slides from SPRiG talk Sept 25th 2019






Trading Places: Understanding psychosis risk amongst migrants and their descendants | March 6th

Dr James Kirkbride, Sir Henry Dale Fellow (Wellcome Trust and Royal Society) and Reader in Epidemiology in the Division of Psychiatry at University College London

Title slide for the psychosis in migrants talk by Dr. James Kirkbride






Caring for Caregivers (C4C): Pilot randomised Controlled Trial of Positive Written Disclosure for Carers of People with Psychosis | January 30th

Dr. Christina Jones, Senior Lecturer, University of Surrey.

Dr. Christina Jones: Caring for Caregivers (C4C): A pilot feasibility randomised control trial of Positive Written Disclosure for older adult caregivers of people with psychosis








Hearing the Voice: Exploring the Phenomenology, Cognition and Neuroscience of Non-Clinical Hallucinatory Experiences | November 28th

Dr Ben Alderson-Day, Assistant Professor, Durham University


"What is a mental health crisis?": Insights from Section 136 in Sussex | January 31st

Professor Gillian Bendelow, Professor of Sociology of Health and Medicine, University of Brighton


Changing our thinking about distressing paranoia: the SlowMo Study | January 24th

Professor Philippa Garety PhD CPsychol FBPsS, Professor of Clinical Psychology, King's College, London. Clinical Director and Joint Leader, Psychosis Clinical Academic Group, King's Health Partners and South London and Maudsley NHS Foundation Trust.




New research on the pros and cons of long-term antipsychotic treatment and an outline of the RADAR study | September 27th

Dr Joanna Moncrieff

sprig sept 2017

The use of peer-delivered intervention following psychiatric crisis | June 28th

Dr Oliver Mason, Reader in Clinical Psychology, University of Surrey




Computer assisted therapy for auditory hallucinations: the AVATAR clinical trial | October 26th

Professor Tom Craig


Soteria: Being with, not doing to. Combining compassion and evidence in approaches to psychosis | April 28th

Katy Baboulene




Overcoming barriers to implementation of psychological therapies for psychosis | January 29th

Dr Kathryn Greenwood

SPRiG presentation title 29th Jan



Social inclusion for young people with and without psychosis | March 27th

Dr Clio Berry


Accounts of conspiracy beliefs within the general population: A Grounded Theory | February 24th

Dr Louise McCusker




Social recovery in early psychosis: Assessment and intervention | December 5th

Dr Jo Hodgekins


Cannabis use reduction and relapse prevention in psychosis | September 26th

Alyssa Milton

Title slide for Cannabis use and psychosis presentation

Social cognition in early psychosis: a potential target for early intervention? | April 19th

Dr Andrew Thompson

Title presentation slide: Dr Andrew Thompson: Social cognition in early psychosis: A potential target for early intervention?

Parents' communication to primary school-aged children about mental health & ill-health | March 22nd

Dr Joanne Mueller

Parents' communication to primary school-aged children about mental health & ill-health

How do teachers communicate with children about mental health problems and what influences this? | March 22nd

Dr Janine King

Title presentation slide: Dr Janine King: How do teachers communicate with children about mental health problems and what influences this?

Young peoples' beliefs about help-seeking for psychosis | March 22nd

Dr Helen Glossop

Title presentation slide: Dr Helen Glossop: Young peoples' beliefs about help-seeking for psychosis

Cognitive therapy for psychosis... or 'Good Clinical Practice' | January 25th

Professor David Kingdon

Title presentation slide: Professor David Kingdon: Cognitive Therapy for Psychosis ... or 'Good Clinical Practice'



Childhood maltreatment and psychosis | November 30th

Dr Helen Fisher

Lecture Slides: Dr. Helen Fisher: Childhood maltreatment and psychosis SPRiG November 2012

The therapeutic relationship and patient-reported outcomes in the treatment of patients with psychosis | September 13th

Professor Stefan Priebe

Poster image

Molecular mechanisms underlying the behavioural effects of cannabis: Modelling a risk factor in schizophrenia | June 29th

Dr Cathy Fernandes

Presentation poster Dr. Cathy Fernandes SPRiG June 2012

The role of perseverative thinking processes in paranoia | April 27th

Dr Kate Cavanagh

Poster for Dr. Kate Cavanagh's SPRiG presentation, 27th April 2012, University of Sussex

Appraisals, psychotic symptoms and affect in daily life, and changes during CBT | February 24th

Dr Emanuelle Peters

SPRiG Emmanuelle Peters slide shot

Reading faces: The relationship between individual differences in psychosis proneness and face processing | January 27th

Dr Sam Hutton



Towards a theory of mental health professionals' understanding of psychotic experiences | November 25th

Dr Clark Davison

Early detection of psychosis in Brixton Prison | September 30th

Manuela Jarrett

Prevalence of autism spectrum disorders & autistic traits in a youth mental health service | June 25th

Dr Rick Fraser

The experience of hearing voices: Daring to talk back | April 1st

Dr Mark Hayward

Predicting psychosis using neurobiology: Where are we now? | February 25th

Professor Stephen Wood



Attachment in psychosis and therapeutic relationships | November 26th

Dr Katherine Berry

Non-SPRiG Presentations

Occasionally, our members will present at conferences, events and seminars outside of SPRiG. Here you can find a collection of slides from those events.


The route to psychosis: What differentiates individuals with psychotic experiences with and without a 'need for care'? | June 14th

Sussex Partnership NHS Foundation Trust Research & Development Conference

Dr Emanuelle Peters

First slide of Emmanuelle Peters' SPFT RD conference talk June 2012

Early intervention for Stigma: Talking to children about severe mental illness | May 31st

Clinical and Developmental Research in Progress, University of Sussex

Dr Kathryn Greenwood




Food for thought: Psychological approaches to cognitive decline in schizophrenia | June 23rd

Sussex Partnership NHS Foundation Trust Research & Development Conference

Professor Til Wykes

Improving engagement of young people in early interventions: the EYE project | June 23rd

Sussex Partnership NHS Foundation Trust Research & Development Conference

Dr Kathryn Greenwood

Impaired functioning in schizophrenia: Models, Mechanisms and Measurement | June 9th

Clinical and Developmental Research in Progress

Dr Kathryn Greenwood