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Help for people who hear voices with UK-first clinics

12 September 2017

A mental health trust in Sussex is running a pioneering research clinic for patients who hear distressing voices to help them live their lives to the...

Research Assistant opportunity within Caring for Caregivers (C4C) research study

16 November 2016

  An exciting opportunity has arisen within the Research and Development team for a full time Research Assistant. This will be a fixed term...

"Because, anxiety is my superpower and I’m going to use it”

2 September 2016

Elli Johnson, a mental health blogger identifies her mental health problems as her superpower, and encourages others to do so too. In a recent...

Transition to psychosis associated with changes in DNA

22 May 2016

The onset of psychosis may be associated with a complex interaction of genes related to psychosis and response to environmental changes. A recent...

Exercise helps young people with psychosis

14 March 2016

An exercise programme devised by researchers at the University of Manchester has dramatically reduced symptoms among young people with first-episode...

PRODIGY featured in Children's Mental Health awareness week

11 February 2016

Week beginning 8th February 2016 is Children's Mental Health Awareness Week. The National Institute for Health Research (NIHR) Clinical Research...

Tips on dealing with psychosis the moment it occurs

9 February 2016

Psychosis is defined as being overwhelmed to the point of losing grip on reality. This may manifest as paranoia or delusions, e.g. people are sending...

Post-natal psychosis: what you need to know

6 January 2016

As popular British soap, Eastenders, includes a storyline involving Stacey Branning experiencing postpartum psychosis, the telegraph has posted a...

Biomarkers vs. traditional diagnoses

11 December 2015

Study demonstrates three biomarker-based categories, called biotypes, sorted psychosis cases more distinctly into subgroups based on brain biology...

Folds in the brain found to be associated with hallucinations among patients with psychosis

20 November 2015

Brain studies have demonstrated that there is a connection between bran folds and hallucinations in individuals with psychosis. The study was...

Items 1 to 10 of 65

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