Commit To Get Fit 2022

Welcome to this year’s Commit to Get Fit 2022 challenge.

The last few years have been challenging, but getting active and getting some outdoor activity can help us promote an overall wellbeing. We hope that you can join us in our positive challenge to get active, try a new activity and make some time for ourselves. 

Commit to Get Fit is a month-long initiative designed to support University of Sussex staff to be active, through challenges and provide opportunities to try new activities. The month consists of a boundary walk, a boundary fun run, specific staff only sessions, access to facilities and daily challenges. You can join new colleagues or colleagues you haven’t seen for a while for a game of tennis, badminton or table tennis. Attend a group exercise class or visit the fitness room. You can even contact us and look to put on a session for your team, maybe a relaxing yoga session, an indoor cycle class or a de-stress yoga and breathing session. Let us know what you would like to do and we can look to make it happen! 

The month also consist of a larger challenge that can be used within teams, on your own or at home with your family. No team size is too small or too large, we just want to encourage you to get active with friends, family and colleagues. There is no time limit or a first place, just a challenge to be active. 

The 840 mile challenge takes you along the part of the South West Coastal Path from Torquay in Devon to Poole. The next trail is the famous South Downs Way from Winchester to Eastbourne, look out for the climbing challenge during this trail, as the trail enters Sussex and onwards to Devils Dyke. Once we have left Eastbourne we travel to towards Greenwich to meet the Thames Path taking us from London to Cirencester.  The route is part of the Centurian Races that happen every year. Once we have reached Cirencester we move onto the beautiful Cotswolds Way which starts in the roman city of Bath and finishes in Chipping Camden. The second to last trail is the longest and takes us north along the Pennine Way from Edale in the Peak District National Park. The Pennine Way path was an idea inspired by another famous trail, the Appalachian Trail, and is arguably the toughest trail to complete on this challenge; the solo attempt will need endurance to keep going. Once you have completed the Pennine Way it is our final push from west to east across Hadrian’sWall, whichbecame a National Trail in 2003. 

In order to travel along across the famous walks, you need to accumulate miles. You can do this in many ways 

  • Simply count the distance that you walk, run, cycle, swim, walk on your hands and travel using your space hopper. 

  • For activity that doesn't have a distance e.g. yoga, gym and Pilates you receive 4 miles for every 15 mins completed.  

  • There are daily and monthly challenges. Completing these will also gain you specific miles towards your accumulated distance. It will be clear how many miles you receive for each challenge. 

To keep you motivated, you will be able to collect a map from the Sport Centre from Thursday 28th April. The map has all the national trails and the associated miles for each challenge. At each end point, you will receive a postcard that will need to be printed off and attached to your map. 

The challenge isn't just for teams, but individuals can also take on the challenge. We are encouraging teams/individuals to set yourself a realistic target to finish the challenge based on what you or your team feel that you can do e.g. If you and your team commit to trying to fit in 3-5 hours of activity a week, equating to 12-20 miles, this will mean the challenge will take 42 - 70 days to complete.  If you are looking to do this as a small team or as an individual, then we recommend breaking down the map into each national walk and make this your goal. If this is too big then break it down further into committing to hours a week. 

To join Commit To Get Fit, get your FREE 30-day membership and take on the Commit To Get Far challenge contact 

We hope the information below will answer your questions and please get in touch if we can do anything more to help support your fitness journey. 


How do I enter?

Email to get your team list/entry to us, so that we can your 30-day membership to teamates that require one. We will let you know when this has been completed. In order to book classes and courts online, you will need an online booking password that we can set up for you. You don't need to do this to access the fitness rooms, simply just bring your staff ID. You can collect you Commit to Get Far map at the sport centre from Thursday 28 April

Can I enter as an individual? 

Yes absolutely you can enter as an individual. The challenge clearly is much tougher on your own with 840 miles to cover, but equally the achievement of reaching the end point will be very much worth it. We can also help you find a team if you prefer to have that team support. Don’t worry if you are on your own, our support won’t go away after May, we will still send out postcards and help to keep you motivated. 

What activities can we join during the month?
Boundary Walk: Wednesday 3 May at 12pm

Want to find out about the beautiful local countryside or just enjoy getting outside? Come and explore the Sussex Downs with our guided walk. As part of our Commit to Get Fit month, our boundary walk is relaxed, social and focused on those who want to explore the countryside around our campus. Accompanied by a local guide, you can learn about the history of the Sussex Downs, whilst getting active. This is a relaxed walk which lasts around an hour. Visit here to book a place on the walk

Meet at the sport centre

Boundary Run: Wednesday 25 May at 12pm

Get active in your lunch break as part of Commit To Get Fit and join us for our boundary fun run. This is a relaxed fun run, but you can also set a target for the 4km cross-country course. You can walk, run or combine the two on your way to the finish line. The route will be marshalled by Sussexsport staff and everyone finishing will get a medal.Visit here to enter.

Meet at the sport centre

There are some weekly activities happening during May, that you and your team can join in with. 

Mountain Biking

Every Tuesday from 12pm - 1.30pm we will be running mountain bike sessions from the Falmer Sports Complex on campus. Join our popular commit to get fit sessions by booking here


Every Wednesday at 12pm you can join Sussexsport staff for a 40 minute run from the sport centre. These runs are perfect for someone looking to start running. No booking required.

Badminton Sessions

Meet new staff or take part as a team and join us at the sport centre for a badminton session on Thursdays from 1pm - 2pm. We will provide rackets and help with setting up groups. There are 16 places at each session and places are booked with your 30-day Commit To Get Fit membership.

How do I record my team’s activity or mine? 

There are many activity trackers out there and many people have them already which will automatically record your steps and distance covered. We suggest that you make a simple spreadsheet to record for those that don’t have access to an activity tracker. There are a number of FREE trackers that work with phones so please let us know if you need any support on this. 

How do we let you know when we have reached a checkpoint? 

Contact us via email, instagram, twitter or Facebook to let us know where you are by sending a photo that represents the destination e.g. Poole Quay, Poole Harbour.  Contact to let us know when you have reached the end of each national walk.

Do all my team have to use the sports facilities? 

No, the aim of the challenge is to set goals and make a commitment to improve your fitness and well-being.  Even if you don’t use the facilities, you can still contribute to the challenge by recording your activity levels, maybe go swim for a £2. If you want to use the facilities, we can support you with our thirty-day Commit to Get Fit membership to help you get started on the journey.  

What can I do with my Commit to Get Fit membership? 

Once the membership has been attached on our system you will be able book any badminton courts, table tennis, squash or any of the group exercise programme classes.  Your membership also allows you full access to both fitness rooms at the Sport Centre and the Falmer Sports Complex. In order to get your Commit to Get Fit membership you need to email with your completed team sheet. N.B The cut-off to get this membership is Friday 6th May

How do I book facilities, such as classes and courts and use the fitness rooms? 

The Commit to Get Fit membership will allow bookings to be made ten days in advance, for group exercise classes and court bookings. You will also be able to book online, in person or by phone, just like our normal membership. If you are using the fitness rooms bring your staff card or some identification to prove it is you. N.B If you are already a silver or gold member then you don’t need a Commit to Get Far membership and will have preferential booking rights, so continue to use the membership as before. 

To book online you will need to go to the Sport Centre reception and have your unique online password created for you by our staff. Here is the link for online bookings. 



Commit to Get Far: weekly and monthly challenges 

Here you can find all the infomation about the weekly and monthly challenges for Commit to Get Far. Make sure to share your progress with us on Twitter, Facebook and Instagramusing the hashtag #CommitToGetFar! 

Week 1

With the Bounrdary Walk taking place this week on 4 May, Week 1 of Commit To Get Far is walking themed! This weeks challenges include... 

  • Listen to a non-work-related podcast  (3 miles)

  • Listen to your favorite song  (3 miles)

  • Smile and say good morning to a stranger (3 miles)  

  • Complete 10 minuites of mindfulness  (5 miles)

  • Cycle or walk to work (15 miles)

  • Focus on breathing before bed (10 miles)

  • Watch the sun set or rise for 10 minutes (15 miles)

Week 2

The theme for week 2 of Commit to Get Far is cycling! We will be holding mountain bike sessions every Tuesdays throughout May between 12-1:30. The daily challenges for week 2 and amount of miles they're worth are as follows...

  • Try a vegan/ veggie meal (8 miles)

  • Go plastic free for a day (20 miles)

  • Complete a gym triathlon. Row 500m, cycle 2000m, and run 1000m (20 miles)

  • Come and try an Active US Session (15 miles)

  • Listen to your favourite podcast for motivation (3 miles)

  • Walk a mile (2 miles)

  • Set up and play a version of your favourite playground game (15 miles)

Week 3

Challenges for week 3 include...

  • Take a 30 minute walk in nature  (3 miles)

  • try a physical activity you've never done before (15 miles)

  • Use less water (15 miles)

  • Write down 5 things that you're grateful for (8 miles)

  • Take a dip in sea (30 miles)

  • Sign up to a sporting event (30 miles)

  • Meditate for 5 minutes (15 miles)

Week 4

Challenges for week 4 and their miles include... 

  • Reflect on the day by writing down 3 postive things that happened (8 miles)

  • Increase your stair time (8 miles)

  • Try the 15-10-5 work out of 15 squats, 10 pushups, 5 rows (15 miles)

  • Try new sport (20 miles)

  • Leave phone behind and go for a walk (30 miles)

  • Try a new fitness class (15)

  • Do 15 minutes of brain training (8 miles)

Monthly Challenges 

All 30 day challenges are worth 75 miles if 30 days are completed, 50 miles if 20 days are completed, 20 miles if 10 days are completed, any less than 10 days is a mile per day completed.

  • No caffeine for 30 days
  • Limit all sugar for 30 days
  • Stretch for 30 minutes for 30 days
  • Reduce your screen time for 30 days
  • Bike to work for 30 days
  • Do 30 minutes of activity everyday for 30 days
  • Practise meditation for 30 days
  • Take a picture everyday for 30 days
  • Practice a musical instrument
  • Don't email after 8pm for 30 days
  • Read a book for 30 minutes each day for 30 days
  • Draw something everyday for 30 days
  • Write something everyday that you're thankful for for 30 days
  • Learn a new word everyday for 30 days
  • 10,000 steps for 30 days
  • Walk every day for 30 minutes for 30 days