Fitness rooms

The Life Fitness Signature Series resistance machines can be found at both the Falmer Sports Complex and the Sport Centre gyms. The Life Fitness resistance machines are great for beginners, those coming back from injury and to add variety to training.

The Life Fitness resistance machines allow you to isolate muscle groups, have easy to use weight increments and all machines have instructional panels on for prompts when working out. These machines, we feel, allow all muscle groups to be worked and cover all movement patterns – hip dominant, knee dominant, vertical pull, vertical push, horizontal pull, horizontal push.

Across both sites, the Falmer Sports Complex and the Sport Centre, you will find resistance machines that allow you to work on all the major muscle groups in the body:

  • Legs - leg extension; leg curl; leg press
  • Chest - chest press; assisted chin/dip; pectoral fly
  • Back - row-rear deltoid; lat pulldown; pulldown; rear deltoid fly; assisted chin/dip
  • Shoulders - shoulder press

Dual Adjustable Pulleys - at both sites we have two dual adjustable pulleys. These are cable machines that allow you to target all the muscles on the body through utilising different attachments.

At the Falmer Sports Complex we have a range of dumbbells (2-50kg) and HD elite lifting platforms which can be utilised for all the big lifts - squats, deadlifts, bench press, pull ups and many more.

Newly added in the summer of 2014 are the Absolute Performance rigs. These rigs can be utilised in a manner of ways. TRXs and Gym rings can be attached to the frames and all the big lifts can be performed using uprights as well as slams, rope waves and box jump.