Sussexsport Fitness Training Philosophy

To help you get the most out of your training we have introduced the Sussexsport training philosophy. This is smart and effective training aimed to make you Be Better, Move Better, Feel Better. It is designed to suit all individuals whether training for health or fitness.

  • Pre-hab and dynamic mobility - reducing the risk of injury and preparing the body for movement.
  • Plyometrics - training the body to land effectively and preparing the muscles to be explosive.
  • Core - training the torso area to provide strength and stability in static and dynamic situations.
  • Movement skills and agility - training to improve changes of direction, acceleration and deceleration.
  • Hip dominant strength exercises - exercises that focus on movement at the hip.
  • Knee dominant strength exercises - exercises that focus on movement at the knee.
  • Upper body strength exercises - pulling exercises that focus on movement in the upper body particularly the back.
  • Upper body strength exercises - pushing exercises that focus on movement in the upper body particularly the chest area.
  • Conditioning - training methods to improve aerobic capacity and power.
  • Cooldown developmental stretches - post execise stretches to aid recovery and regeneration.