Conditioning drills

Conditioning drills in the Sussexsport fitness training philosophy come in two categories. Those which can be performed on the cardiovascular machines (bike, cross trainer, rower, stepper, treadmill) and those which look to target the heart and lungs by moving a resistance or our body weight.

Conditioning methods on the cardiovascular machines can utilise continuous, fartlek and intervals, alternating speeds and resistance to increase our heart rate. When performing these drill it is important to monitor your heart rate to make sure you are working in the correct zone depending on your age and goal.

Conditioning drills with utilising your body weight and resistance look to increase not only your heart rate but also your metabolism as you are stressing the muscle fibres. The exercises listed below can be put into a conditioning circuit. You may then perform 40s work with 20s rest then move onto the next exercise, completing several circuits of your conditioning exercises.

One Squat and Press
Two Lying to Stand
Three Toe Touches
Four Thrusters
Five Med Slams
Six Burpees 
Seven Inch Worm 
Eight Push Press
Nine Push Stand Push Sit
Ten Rope Waves
Eleven Kettle bell Swings 
Twelve Squat and Row
Thirteen Farmers Walks
Fourteen Squat Thrusts