Hip dominant strength exercises

Anatomy RearHip Dominant Movements are those which required movement (flexion / extension) around the hip joint, with minimal movement around the knee joint. Movements in this manner target the posterior of the upper leg, the hamstring muscle group. Other muscles that are utilised include the glutes and erector spinae. Hip dominant movements progress from double leg (both feet in contact with the ground)  to single leg (one foot in contact with the ground) movements.  

Progressing to single leg exercises, once you have mastered double leg movements, places more demands on your stability and supporting muscle, when performing these you should maintain hip alignment.  

Double Leg

One Hip Bridge
Two Hip Bridge (feet elevated)
Three Cable Pull Through
Four Hip Bridge Barbell
Five Romanian Deadlift (dumbbell)
Six Romanian Deadlift (barbell)

 Single Leg

One Hip Bridge
Two Wall Reach One (2 body bars)
Three Wall Reach Two (1 body bar)
Four Single Leg Deadlift (dumbbell opposite hand to leg)
Five Single Leg Deadlift (2 dumbbells)