Knee dominant strength exercises

Anatomy FrontalKnee dominant movements are those which required movement (flexion / extension) around the knee joint. The knee joint also moves to allow movement (flexion / extension). Movements in this manner target the anterior of the upper leg, the quadricep  muscle group. Knee dominant movements progress from double leg (both feet in contact with the ground)  to single leg (one foot in contact with the ground).  

Progressing to single leg exercises, once you have mastered double leg movements, places more demands on your stability and supporting muscles to maintain the correct body alignment.

Knee dominant movements can be categorised into to specific exercise patterns, Squats and Deadlifts. Squats generally look at having the resistance above the hips, whilst deadlifts refer to lifting a resistance off the floor.

Squats Double Leg

One Stability Ball Squats
Two Body Weight Squats
Three Goblet Squat
Four Front Squat

Deadlift Double Leg

One Sumo Deadlift
Two Trap Bar Deadlift
Three Barbell Deadlift

Single Leg

One Split Squat
Two Goblet Split Squat
Three Barbell Split Squat (between legs)
Four Barbell Split Squat (shoulder)
Five Bulgarian Split Squat (dumbbell) 
Six Bulgarian Split Squat (barbell)
Seven Step Ups
Eight Reverse Lunge
Nine Pistol Squat