New Small Group Training classes for Sussexsport members

The use of resistance training and weightlifting as part of a workout has grown significantly in the last five years, with increasing availability of information on the whys and hows of this method of training and its clear benefits on fitness, health and performance.

To support our members in maximising this training method, we have added a new class to our group exercise programme.

Our new Small Group Training sessions are available to all members. The class is focused on giving you much more of a coaching session, providing time for 1-2-1 focus on correct techniques and guidance that a smaller group can afford, but also providing that all important workout.

The class has been designed to help those who have never lifted. This will include an introduction to fundamental lifts that can be completed during your workout, creating a foundation of movements that will allow you to progress to more challenging and technically demanding lifts.

The session is also perfect if you've been away from the gym for a while and are looking to get back to a familiar routine. Each session will show you how to prepare yourself for the workout with a dynamic warm up, five fundamental movements combined in a circuit style layout, plus a stretch and reflect at the end of the class.

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Posted on behalf of: Sussexsport
Last updated: Tuesday, 31 July 2018

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