Martial Arts

The martial art clubs train in the Dojo which is situated at the Sport Centre. All martial arts clubs are open to staff.

Shaolin Kung Fu

Shaolin logoShaolin Nam Pai Chuan Kung Fu (North South Fist) is a style of Kung Fu that has its roots in the traditional martial arts practised in China over 2000 years ago.

Training with the club will improve your fitness, flexibility and core strength while at the same time teaching you valuable self-defence skills.

You will also learn breathing exercises (chi gung) that promote mental relaxation and enhance health.

Gradings for Nam Pai Chuan students from centres in the UK and abroad are held every three months and membership of the Sussex club entitles you to train at our other UK centres in London, Cardiff and Manchester.

For more information, please visit the club's website at Sussex Kung Fu.

Training times

  • Tuesday 6.30pm-8pm at The Brighthelm Centre (BN1 1YD)
  • Thursdays: 6.30pm-8pm at the Sport Centre Dojo
  • Saturday 9:30-11am at Sport Centre Dojo (women only)
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To book onto a Thursday class use our online shop, you do not need to book in advance for Tuesdays (pay in cash on the day) or Saturdays (this class is free).



Kickboxing is a sport that combines both Western boxing and Eastern martial arts. Becoming a member of the club will offer you the opportunity to increase your fitness; build your confidence; learn practical self defence and improve your co-ordination and flexibility, all under the teaching of former World Level and Professional British Champion Chris Kent, and former Amateur World Champion and Professional European Champion Tiffany Williams.

Regular gradings are available so that you have the opportunity to progress through the grading system. Gradings are held during term time and qualification for them is attained through the collection of stamps placed in a record of attendance card at each session. There is also the opportunity to compete.

Training times

  • Wednesdays: 1pm-2pm (Women's); 2-3pm (Beginners); 3pm-4pm (Red Belts and above)
  • Saturdays: 1pm-2pm (Beginners); 2pm-3pm (Red Belts and above).

You can contact the Club using their Facebook group and Instagram page.

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Integrated Martial Arts

The University of Sussex Integrated Martial Arts (IMA) club teaches a thorough self defence and physical conditioning system. Our training sessions will help you to develop self-defence skills whilst getting a good work-out in a cooperative and fun atmosphere.This club pursues self defence as a priority, drawing on the techniques of Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) as well as many other self-defence relevant styles not commonly practiced in competitive MMA.

We teach striking, stand-up grappling, locks & throws, ground fighting, pressure points, knife defence and pre-fight negitioation/defence readiness. Training IMA will strengthen every muscle in the body and provides aerobic, anaerobic and plyometric exercise, while developing a rounded knowledge of martial arts and delf-defence capability, as well as flexibility and co-ordination.

Further details can be found at Integrated Martial Arts.

Training times

  • Mondays: 8pm-10pm
  • Fridays: 6pm-8pm.

You can contact the Club using their Facebook group.

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University Kendo Sussex

University Kendo Sussex and Kendo Brighton is a club run by a collective of qualified volunteers with the ambition to promote Kendo to students and staff of the University of Sussex and the University of Brighton, and the public in the area of Brighton and Hove. We welcome beginners and experienced Kendo players to join us for individual sessions or as regular members at any time.

University Kendo Sussex and Kendo Brighton practice on Thursdays between 8pm-10pm in the Dojo at the University of Sussex Sport Centre, Falmer, Brighton BN1 9RB. 

Contact Pascal Stiefenhofer for more information on the club and how to get involved.

Kendo is a martial art that is deeply routed in the culture and traditions of Japan. Discipline and mutual respect are positive in focus, aiming at encouraging the development of emotional and social skills as well as technical expertise in the art of sword fighting.

Kendo is a full contact sport which is played by means of one-on-one striking on clearly defined targets protected by armour with a bamboo sword. Interested Kendo players will have the opportunity to compete at university competitions, national and international competitions, in teams and as individuals.

Kendo is a fun physical activity. We encourage everybody to participate in Kendo for fun and enjoyment. As such, it is an activity that can be safely practiced by people of diverse ages, genders, and with most physical conditions. Kendo also helps shaping good physical condition and general well-being.